Hello mercs,
Where will you go this winter, armed with your new toys? Carillon Hamlet, a small industrial village that was preparing for holidays has gone silent. We have heard rumors of vicious elves taking control of the area. The hotel and other businesses seem abandoned.

The old train has come to a stop. The Horzine Rail station is still and empty. At this time it’s unknown what exactly was being transported.

Investigate the dark winding underground tunnels. Scans have revealed some unusual activity. We’ll need some brave mercs to venture there.

The village is full of scenic views that would normally charm even the most bah-hum-bugs of Scrooges. Void of the normal seasons cheer, the streets are now home to the twisted holiday creatures. Clear out the area and paint the town in the usual seasonal red.

If all goes well, we’ll be sending the first groups of mercs into Carillon Hamlet within the next few weeks!

Carillon Hamlet is the latest Official Community map to be added to the game, created by community level designer Sam Smith.