As we reach the end of 2021, I have once again returned to take a look back at the past year in all that we were able to accomplish as a team and provide a preview of where Killing Floor 2 is going. When we started this journey with Killing Floor 2 back in 2015 with the Early Access launch, we certainly never expected that 6 years later the game would still be thriving and continue to be supported as it is today. I want to extend a gigantic thank you to our partners at Saber Interactive that have continued to carry the torch on the title to allow us to continue to deliver exciting new content and features for the past two years. And of course, Killing Floor 2 would be nothing without its dedicated fans and community that continue to support us and push us when warranted to be better developers and improve what we deliver.

After dozens of content updates over the years, Killing Floor 2 continues to throw new and interesting challenges our way for development from continuing to work largely remotely and across multiple countries around the world. Even still, we wanted to push ourselves to create new ideas, deliver on long-teased locations, and expand the game’s replayability through revisiting the experimental fun of weekly modes. While not without any bumps in the road, I am incredibly proud of what we have created as a team and continue to be excited for what’s in store.

Here’s a look back at what we have added to the game in 2021:
Today’s Killing Floor 2
Game Updates

  • Dystopian Devastation - March 23rd, 2021
  • Interstellar Insanity - June 22nd. 2021
  • Day of the Zed - October 5th, 2021
  • Chop ‘Til You Drop - December 9th, 2021


  • Dystopia 2029
  • Moonbase
  • Netherhold
  • Carillon Hamlet


  • Gravity Imploder - (Demolitionist)
  • FAMAS Masterkey - (Commando / Support)
  • Dual & Single Glock 18C (Gunslinger)
  • Piranha Pistols (Gunslinger / Berserker)
  • Corrupter Carbine (Sharpshooter / Field Medic)
  • Doshinegun (Survivalist / Offperk)
  • HRG Beluga Beat (Sharpshooter)
  • HRG Bastion (SWAT)
  • HRG Blast Brawlers (Support)
  • HRG Tommy Boom (Demolitionist)
  • HRG Disrupter (Gunslinger)
  • HRG Stunner (SWAT)

Weekly Modes:

  • Blood Thirst
  • Coliseum
  • Arachnophobia
  • Scavenger
  • Wild West London
  • Abandon All Hope
  • Boss Rush
  • Shrunken Heads

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • No Local Admin Filtering for the Server Browser
  • UI Medic Buff Feedback
  • Skip Trader for the Versus mode
  • Improve the reliability of Scrake stuns with Crossbow and Compound Bow.
  • Initial Starting Dosh Rebalance
  • Purchase armor in portions
  • Gameplay option for the quick swap button
  • More transparent drop percentages
  • Store - Discount UI Optimization
  • Pause Online Endless Mode Voting
  • Controller Aim Assist Improvements

New Music

  • M.O.A.B by Rocky Gray
  • Lunar by Rocky Gray
  • Zedorcist by Rocky Gray
  • Disunion How The Rest Was Won by Dax Nielsen and Dan McMahon
  • Naughty or Nice by Rocky Gray
  • Carpenter’s Christmas by Rocky Gray

What Lies Ahead
With the ongoing success and support of the fans in 2021, I am very happy to announce that Killing Floor 2 will continue to be supported for its 7th Year of Post-Release Seasonal Updates that we’ll be looking to make chock full of new weapons, maps, weeklies, cosmetic customization and quality of life improvements that are vital to the game’s success. We will be continuing to partner with Saber Interactive to make this a reality. An important change for 2022 is that we’ll be looking to consolidate to three major updates for the year with the Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons as our main release targets. As the team has been working non-stop the past year, we feel this break at the beginning of next year will allow us to refresh, explore, and iterate towards delivering a more excellent and polished experience for the new year ahead.

State of the Game Survey

Additional Weapons - As a core pillar of our updates, more new weapons will of course be coming to Killing Floor 2 of both the Weapon Bundle and HRG Variety. Our goal for the new weapons is to continue expanding the ways you can engage the enemy leveraging both entirely new functionality and expanding existing projectile types and incapacitation effects into different combinations for a variety of perk types. As a tease for Summer, we’re especially interested in exploring expanding the defensive capabilities of players as well as weapons that will help bring bigger zeds down to size.

Additional Maps - For next year's maps, we’ll be partnering with some of our favorite community mappers to deliver and enhance more community maps officially in the game that improve them for those that played them in the past and provide a spotlight for those that might not have ever played them before like our console community.

Additional Weeklies - We had an absolute blast developing an entirely new set of weeklies for 2021 and were thrilled by the community's reception to them. For 2022, we still have a whole host of new weekly modes we want to explore both from our design exploration as well proposals we have seen that have interested us from the community. With that in mind, we’ll be looking to add one weekly mode per update for next year to continue to expand on the full rotation.

Major Events -
As seasonal events have become a time-honored tradition for Killing Floor 2, they will once again be making a comeback for 2022 for our Summer, Halloween, and Christmas updates. This means the return of seasonal Zeds, new Seasonal Objectives, rewards, achievements, and cosmetic sets for your characters to be customized to match the holiday spirit.

Quality of Life Additions - Within a similar capacity as the past year, it will be an important pillar for us to continue improving and tweaking the game to respond to community feedback alongside the development of new content. The feedback you provide within our surveys, forums, social media, and other community interactions are critically important in helping guide us on what we should prioritize in terms of these user experience and balance changes so please continue to be active as ever within these channels so that we have a good pulse on what the game needs. While we will not be able to address everything that’s requested due to numerous potential factors such as engine/system limitations and resource constraints we’ll continue to be transparent with what is within our power to implement and do our best to be receptive and open to feedback for how we can improve.

Bugs - Within every update, we’ll be fixing both new issues that arise as well all the existing content that affects the player. It’s a core priority for us to ensure that every release is more polished and bug-free than the one that came before. As the game has expanded dramatically over the years from supported platforms, weapons, maps, modes, characters, etc the project has become quite a massive endeavor to maintain so we always ask your patience and understanding for when and how any particular issue gets tackled. We’re deeply grateful for the community’s regular engagement and response in alerting us to everything discovered within each release as an invaluable resource to the development team. We encourage as many of you as possible to participate in our regular betas before each release as the feedback we receive for bugs and balance is essential to ensuring that the final release is the best it can be. As a reminder, the best way to bring bugs to our attention is through our official forums which are available here:

Official Tripwire KF2 Forums

Continued Polish & Refinement - As an ongoing focus and priority for 2022, we want to pay close attention to the quality of each of the individual elements we deliver with each update. We’ll be refining our process and pipeline to ensure we can achieve the attention to detail you expect and ensure the content will play well in any context. We trust that the community will hold us accountable for these goals and let us know where we may fall short. We understand that there are lessons to be gained from both the positive and less positive feedback we receive and we thank you for your continued candor to steer us in the right direction.

Community Interaction - We at Tripwire would be nothing without our fans which we’ll continue to be accessible on our social media, forums, and discord channels. Additionally, we’ll continue to be broadcasting our plans for future content drops giving you sneak peeks of what’s to come as well as streaming the game over the many months to come so you can see how things are shaping up with the new releases. We encourage you to stay tuned as we’re excited to be able to share the various things we have planned.

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We’re delighted to still be on this journey with Killing Floor 2 after all these years and are deeply appreciative for the many millions of players that have come alongside us along the way. Whether you’ve been a lapsed player, are new, or have been with us every step of the way, we believe we have an exciting year ahead for the game and can’t wait for you to play it with us. We hope you have a fantastic holiday season and we look forward to coming back in the new year.

See you all on the Killing Floor.

David Amata
Product Director
Tripwire Interactive