Hello Sven Co-op fans!

I recently received an extraordinary video recording of the fastest completion of Sven Co-op to date, with 100% completion and no tool assistance. The video was sent to me by a player named SpacevikingLover and i must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I will be highlighting some of the main points of his run with a link to the run further below.

He first starts in svencoop1.bsp, which he blows through with relative ease, and despite struggling with some of the dual retina scanners (this is a 100% solo run) he manages to get all the numbers.
Stadium4 is completed with minimal effort, as he effectively utilises map topography to terminate all the enemies.
In surface tension he skips past the whole section by exploting a hitherto unknown bug involving it.
Later, in Momma Mesa, he completes all missions and exploits a clever little bug which, and also avoids them taking damage (a requirement for 100% completion).
In ALL maps he finds the secrets and health chargers (literally all, not counting hplanet, for obvious reasons).

Needless to say, this is quite impressive. We will be rewarding him with the Golden Boots, our most valuable donator reward, available only to elite donors and fast people.

I am uploading the video was I write and it will be available here shortly:
Edit: i have reuploaded the video as some people noticed the second half was missing (thanks SpacevikingLover)

If you think you can beat him, send us a video and you'll get a mention in the next news update!