Hello Mercs,
Following the recent Spring Cleaning Update (https://forums.tripwireinteractive.c...-live.2338168/) the team has been working towards more Field Improvements touching on some common player interests & a new weekly mutation!

Mercs, get ready for Arsenal Assent. What is it you ask? A race to see who can quickly kill the most Zed’s with a predetermined set of 24 weapons, starting with the humble, but not to be underestimated knife and 9mm. After that kill quota with a weapon has been met, a stronger one pulled from a set of 3, will be immediately equipped and the race continues until one merc gets through the weapon list first!

You’ll find ammo and armor out there, disabled Trader Pods (and ability to drop weapons) and of course, an endless amount of targets until a victor is crowned! Try not to die, as you’ll be knocked back a few weapon levels depending on your progress...

Survivalists, we all know you have that preferred starting weapon and/or grenade that you wish would show up every time you are headed into the field. Worry no more, as you’ve been cleared to select your starting equipment, primary weapon and grenade!

On your perk selection/overview screen, you will now find arrows that will let you cycle through the available options, including random. At level 15, you’ll choose either the Molotov or Healing Grenade joining the rotation based on your perk pick, so find that combination that works best for you and go kill some Zeds!

Firebug’s will be pleased to hear that their level 25 Inferno skill is being improved. Now your fires and its damage over time, will spread to surrounding Zeds around it, immediately when the damage is dealt. So do what you do best, and light some fires!

Another Quality of Life improvement for those who like to change their weapon style, the inventory will now do a better job of sorting weapon skins, using the following rule set of ordered importance: by weapon (in terms of trader price), rarity (from common to rarest), then quality (battle-scarred to mint).
Notice the RPG grouping in the before and after examples below:



And speaking of “arsenals”, the team will have more to share on some new Zed slaying tools coming your way in the days ahead, so stay tuned!