Good day Mercs,

The lab coats have been up to it again, and are crafting some “fine” (their word) new field options out of existing weapons platforms. So let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to!

Sharpshooters, we know you love to "pop heads'' of any threats that look your way. Now you can do it literally with the new HRG Head Hunter. Featuring two fire modes, the first will fire a dart that on impact, to any body part, will swell up the size of a zed's head. These darts will stack multiple times for a nice big target that is now more than double the normal size. Isn't science fun? Now you've made that zed an easy target for you and your team, but that's not all. For a very satisfying head pop on those zeds with maximum stacks, use the alt fire to release a wave that travels in a sphere. When that wave reaches your targets, heads will burst!

Don't worry, if a zed doesn't have a maximum stack of darts the wave will stun them allowing you more time to make your next move. We know that sharpshooters need their space, R&D made sure to power up that wave to be long range.

Demolitionists, we've added a new long range weapon to your arsenal as well. Channel your inner Rambo with our new explosive bolts to go along with this crossbow. This weapon also features two fire modes - the lab coats wanted us to say something about versatility being the spice of life but let’s not and you lot just tell them we did. Use the primary shot to fire an explosive bolt that impacts the target before a delay of about half a second and leading to the boom.

If you want a bigger boom, you can sacrifice some explosive damage and use the alt fire off a shot with a larger blast radius. Great for ridding your area of a horde of lowly Zeds. This is a highly accurate weapon with a fire rate the same as the Crossbow.

Keep an eye out next week as we plan to talk about additional arsenal additions and how to get them!