Hello Mercs,

Are you wondering where to spend your summer vacation? Well wonder no more because the fine folks at Horzine are sending you to a location we are simply referring to as the “Rig.”

Off the coast of Scotland in the East Shetland Basin of the North Sea, we’ve located a secret research lab hidden away in an oil drilling rig. We can only imagine what horrors the Patriarch and his cohorts have been up to here in this remote location.

We are sending in our top mercs, that’s you, to investigate and rid the location of any of these aggressive specimens you come in contact with. From our preliminary findings, we have determined the rig to be structurally safe … enough, with the usual collateral damage expected to be within the acceptable range. HSE compliant, maybe not so much so bring protective headgear.

Work your way through multiple floors, with caution. There are plenty of ways to drop down to lower depths in an emergency, but be sure to have a plan for retreat. Once you reach the bottom level fighting your way back up may not be as easy! Watch your step down there, we don’t want mercs overboard, but feel free to send the zeds into the deep blue icy waters.

Research and Development are hard at work on some new weapons to take with you on your summer mission. We’ll have that report in your hands next week.

Rig is the latest Official Community Map joining the game, created by community level designers Tristalin and All Knowing Horse.