Now that you know you are heading to the “Rig”, it is time to learn about the new gear you’ll have available out in the field. As with the recent HRG weapons, a major focus of these new tools is in a supporting capacity to help the team (and yourself).

Survivalists, have you ever likened yourself as a bit of a mad scientist? Perhaps one that specializes in shrinking all your problems away? Does dreaming about that give yourself a bit of a big head? Well worry no more, as your dreams are about to come true with the aptly named Reducto Ray!

Designed to shrink your enemies right out of existence, those that it can’t just “pop” away (the lab coats said something about a micro-verse), will be heavily weakened by the process and more susceptible to damage from all sources. Please do not use this device for non ZED related purposes, such as theft, criminal defense and or prosecution.

For the Commando’s, another new tool is ready to be deployed to the fight. Ever wanted an extra gun to cover that location that needs to be watched while you deal with more pressing matters, like that Scrake trying to make you its latest trophy? Well lucky for you, no hands are required for the new Sentinel auto turret!

Choose a spot to deploy and let the Sentinel do its work of scanning, tracking and most importantly, firing on enemies in its AoE. If enemies are detected in its 360 degree scan, it will focus on the closest and begin to unleash its reserves. Best of all, no need to worry about cleanup or reloading, when ZED’s get too close or ammo runs dry, you can trigger a detonation and deploy a new one!

A few notes passed along by the lab coats:

  • Be thoughtful on deployment, due to some of the tech involved, only one can be deployed in the field by a merc at a time. Attempting to do so will cause a currently deployed one to detonate.
  • So far testing has shown that Zed’s are not enraged by this little helper, perhaps because they can’t find a better target to take out their aggression on.

Both of these new tools of the trade will be available for individual and bundled purchase, or via the new Armory Pass II for 2022. Armory Pass II will include new weapons for each of the major updates planned for the year: Summer - 2, Fall - 2, and Winter - 2.

For those looking to join the ranks of Killing Floor 2 mercs or pickup many of the items that have come out over the years, there will also be a new Killing Floor 2 Ultimate Edition available to purchase or upgrade to which will include the following:
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe (the game and items)
Armory Pass I (2021) & Armory Pass II (2022)
The following characters and cosmetics

  • Characters
    • Mrs. Foster
    • Badass Santa Bundle

  • Outfit Bundles
    • Cyberpunk Outfit Set
    • Wasteland Set
    • Foster Classic Set
    • Briar’s Bobby Set
    • Tanaka’s Biker Set
    • Horzine Mark 7 Set
    • Hazmat Suit Set
    • DAR Assault Armor Set
    • Commando Chicken Set
    • Pajama Set
    • Cardboard Knight Set
    • Witch Hunter Outfit Set
    • Santa’s Helper Outfit Set
    • Space Pirate Outfit Set
    • Space Pirate Full Gear Set
    • Reaper Outfit Set

  • FX Packs
    • Headshot FX Pack 1
    • Headshot FX Pack 2

  • Weapon Skins
    • Dragon & Koi Complete Weapon Skin Set
    • Foster’s Favorites Weapon Skin Pack

  • Player Cosmetic Bundles:
    • Clot Backpack Set
    • Halloween 2020 Full Gear Set
    • Christmas 2020 Full Gear Set
    • Winter 2020 Gear Set

There has never been a better time to complete your collection or get your friends started!

First test missions to the “Rig” and the new weapons are expected to start May 11th (subject to change as development continues) for PC mercs as an opt in beta.