The work at Horzine headquarters never stops. With a new season of updates coming your way this Autumn, we have some exciting additions, improvements, and changes to share.

Our team has been watching some outbreaks of new zed behavior. This new Outbreak has been code named Primary Target and it’s easy to see why. Certain zeds have been coordinating their rage on one merc at a time. Mercs must do their best to keep the zed’s primary target alive or risk failure of the mission.

In this dangerous situation, the primary target seems to be chosen once per wave. We have provided these targets some aid when singled out. We have the technology to get them fully healed and add a health buff to increase their chances of staying alive. Survivors of this threat have reported experiencing the loss of the ability to heal themselves when being targeted. They are able to heal others and receive healing from those that have their back, though. It has also been reported that as their condition worsens, some sort of adrenaline related increase to the damage they deal fuels them to keep fighting.

Solo mercs are not any more safe than the teams out there. This outbreak can occur in the field while one is alone. The only way to claim victory and end the zeds unrelenting focus is to keep each target alive and successfully eliminate the boss threat.

With feedback from those of you frequently joining the effort to stop the spread of zeds, we have some weapon improvements in mind.

The HRG Blast Brawlers have had their stumble power increased to feel more impactful against whatever monstrosity you come up against. Attacks will also feel faster with the increased primary attack speed that will allow you to get more shots in a shorter amount of time. When things get dicey, we think the new increased blocking animation transitions speed will come in handy.

The Mine Reconstructor got an increase of impact damage range. The explosion damage range was also given a substantial increase. We felt the weight could also be lower. It was reduced from 8 to 7.

Medics, in your never ending battle to keep others alive, the team realizes how valuable your medical expertise is for success out there in the field, including those specialized buffs. That’s why we have further improved the HUD icons. The speed and resistance bonuses can be stacked up to 3 times, and the damage bonus up to 4 times. Soon you will be able to see how many stacks are active at any given time. When the buff is granted it lasts for 5 seconds unless it's refreshed. The duration of the effect does not stack with successive darts, but it restarts the 5 seconds timer. To better communicate this, the duration will be updated on your HUD as well.

We are also thrilled to bring new control options to your in game settings in the Input section under Controls. The following will be added for your convenience.

  • Vertical Sensitivity
  • Horizontal Sensitivity
  • View Smoothing
  • View Acceleration.

As your inventory grows with the amount of items at your disposal, we are continuing to improve how mercs interact with it. The Items tab will now show keys first followed by containers like crates and USBs. The All tab now shows items in the same order as they appear in their respective tabs for more consistency when trying to find what you need, be it the perfect paint job for your armaments or your favorite flat cap.

On the subject of armaments, new information on what the Horzine Research Group has been working on to keep mercs in the battle to be released next.