As we enter spooky season, Horzine has been preparing two scary good weapons to introduce in the Autumn update.

Like the Grim Reaper, death is your gift. What better tool to grant it to the unnatural mobs of monsters on the loose than a scythe? Berserkers will reap the miscreations that Clamley and others have sown with the new lethal Blood Sickle. While the blade is folded and shorter, it makes for a faster flurry of cuts perfect for when mercs want to get up close and personal. But there are other ways to get a-head. For more long range savage slashes, unfold and extend the blade out. Along with the choices of blade configuration, you have two types of attacks. Light attacks can be used to perform directional strikes. Heavy attacks execute a double sweep. Both styles are efficient at carving out that path to eternal sleep.

Throughout the years, Zeds have been found with grotesque appadanges of armor. Body horror like this is disturbing but also creates a challenge to Mercs. With the G36C Assault RIfle, SWATs will soon have a way to crack this problem. Armed with armor piercing ammo, the G36C will make a hole in any threat The new rifle will pierce the hearts of ambitious mercs with its two firing modes. Primary fire is full auto but can be switched to semi auto in a snap.

Find out where the next location of interest is in the upcoming Merc Report.

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while other weapons we announce this year can be obtained via the Armory Season Pass 2 or direct individual purchase.