Now there are auto or semi-auto shotguns that are ideal for the military as well as for SWAT troops to attack in close combat. Some of you are aware of the AA-12 Auto Shotgun which contains some robust stainless steel parts and uses a 20-round drum with various 12-Gauge shells that contain regular Buckshots, Armour Piercing Slugs as well as Frag 12s. But what about its inferior rivals that cannot match the power of the AA-12? Well in this topic I will be discussing the Franchi SPAS-12 Vs the Benelli XM1014, which are both non-pump action shotguns - however, the SPAS-12 can go into pump action mode as well as semi-auto.


>> Even though it allows pump-action mode, it is ideal for 12-Gauge rounds with low recoil that aren't designed for automatic shotguns that can jam or stop the cycle
>> Less bulky than the AA-12 as well as the Pancor Jackhammer
>> The bolt release is used to prevent your finger from getting snagged when firing in auto mode in order for the feed tube to load a shell into the chamber. Kind of similar to those M1 Garand rifles where you slot in the En Bloc clip into the rifle and the shutter automatically closes and could snag your thumb

>> This shotgun has been discontinued for the 21st Century and its successor, the SPAS-15 is nowhere near as popular or as iconic as the SPAS-12
>> The SPAS-12 in auto mode isn't ideal for low recoil shells as that will jam the chamber and stop the auto cycle
>> It doesn't allow for box magazines nor drum rounds to be loaded for more ammo capacity, like the AA-12 and the Saiga 12K
>> The feed tube is awkward for reloading as you will need to hold the bolt release in order to reload

XM1014 (M4):-

>> Unlike the SPAS-12 it doesn't contain a bolt release needed to reload. (not sure if this was present in the older variants)

>> This shotgun doesn't contain an pump-action mode
>> Just like the SPAS-12 no drum or box magazines are used for higher capacity