As we keep moving forward with the battle against the outbreak of numerous science experiments roaming the streets, it’s already time for briefings about what to expect as the next assignment looms closer.

Perk Roulette Weekly Outbreak

Top minds, or mad ones if you ask some, at Horzine have designed a new challenge to keep mercs training for unusual circumstances. Perk Roulette takes control of the merc’s conditions for each mission. In a modified Survival experience, each person’s perk will be randomly selected for them at the start of each wave. With 6 person squads, each perk will be assigned only once, meaning no two mercs can have the same. Additionally, a Perk should not be repeated on the same merc. Other than that, you know what to do, survive the waves and defeat the boss to complete the challenge.

Disable Season Zeds Options

One of KIlling Floor’s most celebrated features is the complete reworking of Zeds to fit Seasonal themes around the holidays. The Killing Floor series started this tradition with the original Killing Floor at a time where it was not something commonly seen. This involves new animations, textures, models, voice and other sounds and is something we are quite proud to add to the game 3 times a year. However, it has been requested to make the Seasonal Zeds optional and in the next update that will be something that players server admins can choose to enable.

  • Creating a Match
    • Players can choose to play on a server with or without Seasonal Zeds in the Create A Match menu options by choosing “Yes” or “No” to enable them.

  • Server Browser
    • Players can choose to play on a server without Seasonal Zeds in the Server Browser menu by choosing a filter option to disable them.

  • Solo Game
    • Players can choose to play a match with or without Seasonal Zeds in the Solo Game menu options by choosing “Yes” or “No” to enable them.

  • Server Admins
    • Details for how admins can set up their server to turn off seasonal skins will be relayed at a later date

Weapon Balance

Mercs, please note the details shared below are subject to change as this update is still being worked on. The exact numbers may not reflect what changes happen in the upcoming betas or full release of this update.

  • Gravity Imploder
    • Equip Speed from 1.3 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
    • Fire Interval from 1.33 seconds to 1 seconds (which means from 45 RPM to 60 RPM).

  • Doshinegun
    • Damage per hit increased from 60 to 80.
    • Trader price decreased from 600 to 400.
    • Dosh cost per shot decreased from 20 to 10 (which means full magazine cost decreased from 400 to 200).

  • HRG Beluga Beat
    • Removed the need of pre-activating alt-fire.
    • Alt-fire Fire Interval adjusted to 0.75 (80 RPM).
    • Magazine size decreased from 12 to 10.
    • Spare ammo decreased from 96 to 90.

Sorting Cosmetics and Crafting Items
We have improved inventory sorting for cosmetic related items. Now the inventory sorts Cosmetics and Crafting item categories by rarity in a similar way to Weapons.

Order for Cosmetics:

  1. First, group together the same cosmetics (all the Headband together, all the Baseball Hat together, etc.)
  2. Then, order them by rarity, from common to rarest.

Order for Crafting:

  1. Group together the same items (all Cosmetic Material together, all Weapon Skins Material together, all items together).
  2. Then, order items by rarity, from common to rarest.
  3. Then, order tickets in this order: Cyberpunk, Summer Sideshow, Halloween Treat, Krampus Treat.