It is time to learn about how we are keeping your arsenal topped off with the latest new acquisitions and inventions from the (slightly mad) Horzine Research Group. As is often the case, we can’t comment on the original intent of some of these inventions, but let's just say they’ve been found to have repurposed use out in the field of zed slaying.

HRG Ballistic Bouncer

Introducing the HRG Ballistic Bouncer, the latest weapon from the Horzine Research Group for Support. The group has come up with a new substance that is incredibly dense and has the ability to bounce off hard surfaces. They’ve modified the Mine Reconstructor and are turning super bouncy balls into a bloodsport to wield against the zeds.

Charge up your shot to increase the velocity with which the substance is shot, increasing the number of bounces it’s capable of. This weapon is made to shine in tight spaces. Bludgeoning and stumbling everything, you’ll feel like a dodgeball bully. Unsportsmanlike behavior is encouraged and will likely lead to victory against any opposing team.

HRG Medic Missile

Medic’s we know yours is a never ending and demanding job. So how about healing rockets for high spike AOE healing delivered by a rocket launcher? Scientists here have combined their knack of destruction with the capability to heal.

Simply locate a cluster of fellow mercenaries in need of health and hope, load one of our new missiles containing the Horzine patented healing compound, take aim at the injured, and fire! Viola! You have now delivered a high amount of healing to your new grateful “friends”. And that’s not all it does. You guessed it, that same healing compound will damage and poison any pesky zeds that threaten the group. Equipped with the new HRG Medic Missile, medics will continue to be the heroes we all need.

Next week we’ll have additional arsenal improvements to share, as we dive into the most recent acquisitions being sent into the field alongside you this winter.