Hello Mercs!

We talk about it so often, what do you get the merc who has everything? Horzine has some ideas to add to your shopping list that would impress even the most bah-humbugging of Scrooges.

Let’s start your list of goregeous gifts right for the holidays with the Zed Eradication Device Mark III. Or ZED MKIII for short. For those of you who are veterans out there on the battlefield you may remember the ZED MKI and the ZED MKII. The third time's the charm or proof of insanity. Either way, this monster of a gun is sure to electrify and delight mercs this Winter.

Techs at Horzine have simplified the gun with a single mode, for ease of use. Have no fear though, this gun lives up to its name because this one mode fires a spinning barrel of swarm auto target rockets while spitting out a continuous stream of 20mm Microwave rounds to disorient and daze zeds. The charged up bullets will thunder down in an angry fury that will eliminate most mob tier zeds with ease. But wait til they get a load of the rockets that will make even larger threats a thing of Christmas past. After a fixed interval of bullets, a high powered homing rocket is shot at the closest target in front of you. Like its predecessors, the Z.E.D MKIII is equipped with a radar to illuminate any menace in your close proximity. Get this Tier 5 behemoth for your favorite Demolitionist in your life, especially if that favorite Demolitionist is you!

For the Sharpshooter looking for something new and sparkly this season, Horzine brings to you the HV Storm Cannon. Mercs, you won’t have to wait for Christmas future for this cutting edge technology semi auto sniper rifle, it will be in your hands soon.

The HV Storm Cannon fires an electric bullet that does EMP damage that is plenty devastating on its own. However the labcoats couldn’t leave it at just that, with a headshot it creates a burst of lightning that chains up to 3 times doing head damage to any zed stupid enough to be the in original target’s vicinity. The first chain of lighting does 100% damage, the following shots drop off in damage. They say lightning never strikes twice, but you can with this new Tier 4 weapon!

Find out where your next mission is in the next Merc Report!

As a reminder: These weapons can be obtained via the Armory Season Pass 2 or direct individual purchase.