KF2 Christmas2022 Beta
To opt into this beta on Steam, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop-down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag:

  • app_update 232130 -beta preview

To opt into this beta on EGS, the Beta will be accessible within KF2 owners’ game libraries as a separate install called “Killing Floor 2 Beta”. Users may need to restart their EGS launcher for the Beta to populate and be accessible to install. Progress for stats and inventory is shared between both versions on EGS so for users switching between Beta and Live be sure to sync your game data to use the latest timestamp to prevent any lost progress from participating in the Beta. The Beta on EGS also includes its dedicated server within the install folder for your hosting needs for this version.

Special Note: You may find that this beta is a bit less polished than normal. This beta build has some known issues to the new content that is already being addressed, but the team is prioritizing the opportunity to gather and react to player feedback over delaying the beta. With the tight timing in mind, we are planning on only 1 beta stage ahead of the final release. Feedback from beta will be included into the final release. However, some changes and fixes may not make it into the final release and there will be opportunity for more fixes and changes after the holidays. Please see the Known Issues section for more details.

Polar Distress

  • A Horzine cargo train traveling through the English countryside has crashed at an industrial plant, starting a Zed outbreak in the area. Be sure to dispose of the threat and secure the cargo in this new map called Crash. By the way, choosing Perk is sometimes a difficult decision, but it won’t be in the new Weekly Mode, Perk Roulette, in which every wave you will play as a different perk randomly assigned. But don’t worry, because you can still choose our two new HRG weapons just created by Horzine Research Group: the HRG Ballistic Bouncer for the Support and the HRG Medic Missile for the Field Medic. Check them out and show the Zeds what you are made of!
  • Beta Start 11/17/2022, (Date is subject to change)

New Additions and Highlights

  • 1 New Community Map
    • Crash
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, VS and Endless Game Modes.
      • An industrial plant where a Horzine cargo train has crashed.

  • 1 New Weekly Mode
    • Perk Roulette
      • Players start with a random perk.
      • At the start of Trader Time between waves, a new perk is randomly assigned.
      • Zed spawns are modified.
      • More dosh per kill is granted.
      • Length: 7 waves.

  • 4 New Weapons
    • HRG Ballistic Bouncer for the Support
      • An alternative version of the Mine Reconstructor for the Support perk.
      • A tier 3 weapon that charges up rubberized ballistic gel that bludgeons Zeds on impact and bounces rapidly around the environment with high knockdown power.
      • Holding down the fire button loads the projectile with more force.
      • Trader price is 900 Dosh.

    • HRG Medic Missile for the Field Medic
      • An alternative version of the RPG-7 for the Field Medic perk.
      • A tier 4 rocket launcher whose projectiles create a healing gas explosion on impact.
      • Trader price is 1600 Dosh.

    • Zed Eradication Device MKIII for the Demolitionist (Not available for purchase individually during BETA)
      • This is a paid DLC weapon. This weapon can be shared amongst players through our weapon-sharing system.
      • A tier 5 heavy weapon that fires a continuous stream of energy rounds while launching swarm auto target rockets at set intervals during automatic fire.
      • Comes with the same tracking radar as the MKI.
      • Trader price is 2000 Dosh.

    • HV Storm Cannon for the Sharpshooter (Not available for purchase individually during BETA)
      • This is a paid DLC weapon. This weapon can be shared amongst players through our weapon-sharing system.
      • A tier 4 rifle that fires a charged electric shot.
      • Headshots spread an electric lightning to other nearby Zeds in domino fashion.
      • Trader price is 1400 Dosh.

  • New Steam Achievements
    • Crash related achievements

  • Time-limited Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics (Not available during BETA)
    • Seasonal objectives related to Crash
    • Complete all seasonal objectives to earn the Train Conductor Backpack
    • Christmas Prize Tickets
    • Christmas Golden Prize Tickets

  • Zedconomy (Not available for purchase during BETA)
    • ZED MKIII Weapon Bundle
    • HV Storm Cannon Weapon Bundle

    • Polar Distress Weapon Bundle
    • Train Conductor Outfit Bundle

    • Premium Christmas Ticket Bundles come in three sets of tiers:
      • Bronze - 5 Premium Seasonal Tickets
      • Silver - 10 Premium Seasonal Tickets and 1 Bonus Golden Seasonal Ticket
      • Gold - 20 Premium Seasonal Tickets and a 3 Bonus Golden Seasonal Tickets

    • Retro Gamer Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
    • Tacticool Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
    • Medieval Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
    • Chameleon MKIII Weapon Skin Bundle Pack

Beta for this update contains a lot of exciting new features! As such, feedback is going to be incredibly important. Stay tuned for a link to a survey where you, the community, will be able to provide your feedback directly to us! Thank you!

Addressed Community Feedback
As mentioned in the 2021 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of QOL changes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any QOL changes you believe should be added to the game by submitting your feedback in the ‘general’ section on our official forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/forum/killing-floor-2


  • Option to disable enemy seasonal skins, only active during seasonal skin periods:
    • Added option in the HUD for “Create a Match” and “Solo Game”.
    • Server Admins can use the command: ?AllowSeasonalSkins=0 to enable Seasonal Skins or ?AllowSeasonalSkins=1 to disable Seasonal Skins when creating a Server.
    • Added icon for Server Details.
    • Added filter in the Server Browser.

  • New order rules in the Cosmetics and Crafting items sections in the inventory:
    • Items will be grouped in categories by outfit, type or skin variation.
    • Rarity is also accounted.


  • Weapons
    • Gravity Imploder
      • Equip Speed from 1.3 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
      • Fire Interval from 1.33 seconds to 1 second (which means from 45 RPM to 60 RPM).

    • Doshinegun
      • Damage per hit increased from 60 to 80.
      • Trader price decreased from 600 to 400.
      • Dosh cost per shot decreased from 20 to 10 (which means full magazine cost decreased from 400 to 200).

    • HRG Beluga Beat
      • Remove need of pre-activating alt-fire.
      • Alt-fire Fire Interval adjusted to 0.75 (80 RPM).
      • Magazine size decreased from 12 to 10.
      • Spare ammo decreased from 96 to 90.

Designer Notes:
Many players have requested the option to disable Seasonal Skins during Seasonal Skin periods. In order to do this, we have added an option to create a match without Seasonal Skins, for both online and offline sessions. This also means that, when finding a match, players can enter a session with Seasonal Skins enabled or not, depending on which option was selected by the creator of the match.
We have added a new icon to the Server details to show if a server from the Server browser has Seasonal Skins or not. Players can also use a filter to disable all servers with Seasonal Skins.
We have improved the order for the Cosmetic and Crafting items sections in the inventory, as we did in the Tidal Terror update with the Weapon Skin section. Now, Cosmetics will be grouped regarding outfits and skin variants, as well as rarity. In the Crafting section, the grouping will be: all Cosmetic Material together, all Weapon Skins Material and all items together, as wall as ordered by rarity. Tickets will be in this order: Cyberpunk, Summer Sideshow, Halloween Treat and Christmas Treat.
Finally, regarding balance, we have made tweaks in three weapons always keeping in mind your feedback:
Gravity Imploder was a slow weapon, but now it will be more agile since the equip speed is faster and the fire interval between shots is reduced.
Doshinegun damage was low and dosh cost for using it was very high, so we have increased the damage a bit and reduced the dosh needed per shot. And, if this were not enough, we also have decreased its price in the Trader.
HRG Beluga Beat is a powerful and effective weapon, but the alt-fire was not very comfortable to use. To improve this, we have changed the way in which the alt-fire is used, and now it doesn’t require to be pre-activated before a shot. You can shoot directly using the alt-fire button, as many other weapons do. Because of this change, we had to adjust the alt-fire, to make it different from the main fire. This alt-fire change will improve the effectiveness of the weapon, so, in order to not make it too overpowered, we have adjusted the ammo amount a bit, but not too much.
Known Issues
Mercs, due to timing, this update is going out into first beta with some major known issues with the new content. These items are already being addressed, but we are prioritizing player feedback on the content and changes in this build over delaying the beta and having less time to react to player feedback.


  • HRG Ballistic Bouncer
    • Projectile changes position in 1p and 3p after being fired.

  • Zed Eradication Device MKIII
    • The radar is not showing Zeds
    • Multiple clipping issues during the 3p reload animations.
    • Multiple clipping issues during the 3p bash attack animation.
    • Iron sights are off-center.

  • HV Storm Cannon
    • Animation issues with hand placement when moving into and out of ADS.
    • Multiple clipping issues during the 3p reload animations.
    • Multiple clipping issues during the 3p bash attack animation.
    • Multiple clipping issues during the 3p idle animation.
    • Extra magazine visible in 3p at the end of the reload animation.


  • Crash
    • Pathing issue for Large Zeds in the Office Main Floor.
    • Multiple ambient sounds are not audible throughout the map.
    • Fires disappear as players approach them throughout the map.

Bug Fixes

Also mentioned in the 2021 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of community-reported bug fixes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/forum/killing-floor-2 and posting in the ‘PC’ or ‘Console’ sections.


  • Mine Reconstructor
    • Fixed an issue where the screen shake caused by nearby exploding projectiles was more intense than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where the bash attack would not play its SFX.
    • Fixed some animation issues with the bash attack.
    • Fixed an issue where the visuals for the liquid in the cartridge did not align with the rounds left after aborting reloading.
    • Fixed an issue where the ammo container would shake during the reload animation.

  • G36C Assault Rifle
    • Improved elite reloading animations to reduce clipping.


  • Fixed an issue where the Demolitionists Fragmentation Rounds skill would apply twice to thrown grenades.


  • The Rig
    • Fixed an issue where kismet warnings were being sent to the chat.

  • Barmwich
    • Fixed an issue where the waypoint from the Blue Plaza to the various SYG zones would not appear.
    • Fixed an issue where light rays were being projected onto the walls in the tavern area with no visible sources of light.

  • Dystopia 2029
    • Fixed floor seams across multiple areas to remove them and prevent dropped weapons from falling through.

As always, thank you for your continued support!