For over a decade now a collaborative community mapping project, Ragemap[], has been providing us with wacky puzzles, challenges, and themes since 2007 from a broad range of talented mappers, content artists, and scripters.

In recent years this project has become a more regular annual occurrence, and this year is no exception. This year the theme is FEET! Rage your way through various puzzles and challenges for that feety button.

This year's instalment features work from 10 mappers and an amazing content artist.

Your adventure of 2022 will involve finding coins in a Black Mesa chapter, solving coloured light logic puzzles, popping treacherous balloons, and eliminating the imposter bean scientist off your spaceship.

Sounds easy so far? Perhaps you'll enjoy an alien clear-out stage, escaping from a facility, and displacing your way out of a creepily sedate test chamber.

No Ragemap would be complete without your healthy dose of total rage, and this year is no exception. Slip off the podiums of a nerdy ISO knowledge mini game, serve demanding impatient Diner customers, and the ultimate trials of both perseverance and Taog!

Get Ragemap 2022 today from the Sven Co-op maps database[]