Killing Floor 2: State Of The Game 2022

Has it already been another year? I suppose time flies when you’re having fun and while the last year certainly has not been without challenges, the team at Tripwire and Saber Interactive have had a blast bringing the community another full slate of content throughout 2022. I want to thank the development team and our external partners for their blood, sweat, and toil that’s part of everything we deliver to our fans big and small. The amazing commitment and support the community has shown for Killing Floor 2 in its 7th full year of post-launch support since early access. The community is ultimately the engine that drives us forward with everything we do.

So before we cover the path ahead, it’s first important to look back at everything we added to the game in the past year.
Today’s Killing Floor 2
Game Updates

  • Spring Cleaning Patch - March 29th, 2022
  • Tidal Terror - June 14th, 2022
  • Blood & Bonfires - October 13th, 2022
  • Polar Distress - December 7th, 2022


  • Rig
  • Barmich Town
  • Crash


  • Reducto Ray - (Survivalist)
  • Sentinel - (Commando)
  • G36C Assault Rifle (SWAT)
  • Blood Sickle (Berserker)
  • ZED MKIII (Demolitionist)
  • HV Storm Cannon (Sharpshooter)
  • HRG Crossboom (Demolitionist)
  • HRG Head Hunter (Sharpshooter)
  • HRG Locust (Survivalist)
  • HRG Dragon Blaze (Firebug)
  • HRG Ballistic Bouncer (Support)
  • HRG Medic Missile (Field Medic)

Weekly Modes:

  • Arsenal Ascent
  • Primary Target
  • Perk Roulette

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Survivalist Starter Weapon and Grenade Selection UI
  • Weapon Skin Inventory Organization
  • Firebug Inferno Skill Improvements
  • Healing Buff HUD Indicators
  • Granular Mouse Input Customization
  • Cosmetics List Ordering Refinement
  • Disable Seasonal Zeds Toggle
  • HRG Beluga Beat Alt-Fire Rework

New Music

  • It’s About to Go Down by Rocky Gray
  • Cause for Alarm by Rocky Gray
  • The Spinning Spike by Rocky Gray
  • Three Creeping Things by Rocky Gray

What Lies Ahead
With the ongoing success of the past year, I’m delighted to announce Killing Floor 2 will continue to be supported for another full year with our partners at Saber Interactive for it to extend into its 8th Year of Post-Release updates. Over the last several months, the team has sat together to see all that we would like to accomplish and we’re excited to share a high-level overview of what we have in store for 2023.

The main beats will be three major updates throughout Summer, Halloween, and Christmas. The first two updates of the year will be packed with new weapons, maps, weeklies, cosmetics, customization, and quality of life updates you’ve come to expect. For Christmas, we have something a bit different in mind. Instead of the usual new content and seasonal focus, we’ll be looking to dedicate that entire update towards Quality of Life improvements, balance tunes, and fixes. As an ever-changing game with new content regularly added, we don’t always get an opportunity to take a look back and address every request you want to be improved or tweaked for what came before. It's our hope this QOL-focused update will give us the space to tackle some of the more difficult challenges and aspects we’ve had to raincheck over the years.

We love hearing from you about what we should focus on the most and we have another State of the Game community survey prepared that would help the team regarding your thoughts about the game.

State of the Game Survey

Additional Weapons
- New weapons are at the core of what we love in Killing Floor 2 and there, of course, will be more in store in both new weapon bundles and HRG variants. Our goal for these new weapons is to continue to provide new and interesting gameplay while delivering a fun and familiar gun feel for the types of creative and realistic weapons the community enjoys.

Additional Maps
- With two major content updates ahead for Summer and Fall, we have two new maps planned for the year. First, for Summer, we’ll be looking to partner again with one of the top mappers to enhance a popular community map for official inclusion. For Fall, we’re looking to bring you somewhere entirely new with an event focused around one the most sinister villains of Killing Floor history.

Additional Weeklies -
We also have new weeklies coming this year focused on challenging the players' new rulesets around the Survival formulas that will force them out of their comfort zones on different maps and approaching killing zeds with unexpected behaviors.

Major Events -
We’ll continue to activate seasonal-themed Zeds and objectives with major updates for you to collect tickets and earn cosmetics. This, of course, will come with new achievements for you all to unlock as well as new cosmetics in the store for you to show your creative flair.

Quality of Life Additions -
We’re looking to make Quality of Life a core focus throughout this coming year so that we can deliver important and impactful tunes based on community feedback so you can play Killing Floor 2 and all it has to offer how you want. The feedback you provide within our surveys, forums, social media, and other community interactions is critically important in helping guide us on how we should prioritize these user experiences and balance changes. Please continue to be active as ever within these channels so we have a good pulse on what the game needs. While we will not be able to address everything that’s requested due to numerous potential factors such as engine/system limitations and resource constraints, we’ll continue to be transparent with what is within our power to implement and do our best to be receptive and open to feedback for how we can improve.

Polish and Bug Fixing -
As with every update, we’ll be addressing a multitude of issues legacy and new that arise over the year. We know we need to deliver to you a quality product and the community’s regular engagement in all of our various channels and forums in alerting us to any issues is a significant help to the development team. We encourage you to continue engaging with the regular betas we release before major updates, filling out our surveys, and posting your findings. As a reminder, the best way to bring bugs to our attention is through our official forums are available here:

Official Tripwire KF2 Forums

Community Interaction -
Our community team continues to be at your disposal within our various channels and loves continuously interacting with you. We’ll be telegraphing our upcoming content through our usual Merc Reports to give you an early look at the content ahead will have many more community streams to play us and experience the new content. We invite you all to stay tuned and look forward to hearing from us in the coming weeks and months as we roll out this year’s road map.

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It’s been a pleasure to be part of this project with the team for these many years. We’re deeply grateful for the millions of fans that own and play the game. We could not do this without you. We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season and a bright new year.

See you all on the Killing Floor.

David Amata
Product Director
Tripwire Interactive