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  1. A Short Inventory of Linux Advantages 
    júní 2020
    I'm going to list the advantages I have with Linux, just for the fun of it. We'll call it an inventory:

    • Stability. My system isn't perfectly stable, on a hardware level. The chipset/mobo doesn't like the amount of ram I have installed, and it is overclocked. But even at that, it typically runs a week or more, without having to reboot.
    • Convenience. Most of my software updates are from one source, I only have a few apps that need to be updated from a 3rd party source.
    • Automation friendly. Bash scripting is easy to learn, there is a ton of information out there if you need specifics, and bash runs fast, and consistently. I've been on Linux since 2018 and I have yet to have a script stop working because of an OS update.
    • Affordability. Not only is the OS, and most of the software for it FOSS, but it isn't intentionally engineered to force you to update your hardware. It runs on old hardware. My sister's system is over ten years old, and it still runs, and runs well.
    • Built for coders. You want to create code? Almost all of the tools to do that are readily available, and also FOSS.
    • Customizable. You don't like some specific OS behaviour? There is a very good chance it can be tweaked in a way that will make you happy. Multiple monitors are well supported out of the box. You can set any application to open anywhere, on any screen, and once you've done that it will open there, every time, and it will do it without needing a 3rd party app, and it will do it normally, without any extra lag.

    This is not an exhaustive list.

    Nóvember 2001
    Dundee, Skotlandi
    Thanks for your share, Drek!

    [APG] Clan Leader - [email protected]


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