Hello Mercs!

Last week, we reported on the Fall Field Improvements coming your way, and today? Some new tools for your trade. Horzine knows in these darkest hours, mercs need the right equipment to succeed and are providing new gear to get the job done.

Enter the Tier 5 MG3 Shredder. This gun is reliable and devastating. It’s no wonder it has been used by militaries worldwide for over 70 years. This fast-firing full-auto machine gun will have Commandos lining up zeds to watch them fall. Featuring a 100-round belt firing 7.62x51mm NATO ammo, mercs finding themselves in an imposing crowd of zeds will rise to the occasion using the alt-fire to activate Shredder rounds that fire in fragments spread in a wide cone formation at a cost to the fire rate, ammo consumption, and damage. Anything caught in these iron sights will have nothing left to experiment on.

Mercs need a weapon that’s there for them day and night, and the off-perk 9mm Pistol has always been there in the most grim of times. But why not get the drop on your targets with the new HRG 93R Pistol? The choice between the classic 9mm and the new HRG 93R will be available in the Perk setup menu.

Lock it in before the chaos of the first hoard is on its way. Next time you head into the field, consider dismantling zeds with a barrage of less accurate, but possibly your style, burst fire with a larger 30-round clip. Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Two fistfuls are better than one. Like the 9mm Pistols, these can be dual-wielded too. Upgrade it up to 4 times for maximum wreckage. They’re guns; you know what to do with ‘em, boys and girls.

Next up, Horzine reveals the location of your next mission. It’s an all-hans-on-deck situation!