• Steam Networking and Server Browser improvements.
  • The HUD will no longer scale to 2x size at 1024x768 and 1280x720 resolution.
  • Fixes for GL Overbright shaders.
  • Fixes for text alignment in custom in-game menus at various resolutions.
  • Fixed 357 zoomed crosshair appearing as the wrong texture at the largest screen resolutions.
  • Fixed some server events that cause crashes with high player counts.
  • Fixed crash if the user set their Field of View to 0 and then zoomed in with the crossbow.
  • Fixed window icons drawing inverted for mods.
  • Fixed the inability to launch Half-Life: Blue Shift and Day of Defeat, as well as many other mods.

NOTE: Many GoldSrc mods, Counter-Strike included, may still have compatibility issues with the updated version of the Half-Life engine. While we work on improving mod support it is advisable to install the beta "steam_legacy" build of Half-Life (which can be selected in the game's properties page) when playing mods.