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PsychoStats v1.9.1

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PsychoStats README file. v1.9

If you need immediate help installing PsychoStats v1.9 then please join us
online in the #pychostats IRC channel on GAMESNET.NET:

================================================== =========================

General Notes:
There are a couple new options available in the stats.cfg. Its always
recommended that you use the new config files instead of your older ones,
new options are often missed and can lead to stats being messed up.
NOTE!! the file '' is used on ALL systems now, Windows and Linux
types. This means all linux type systems will need to change their scripts
and/or crons to point to '' instead of just 'stats'.
Also, a bunch of the old configuration files, namely: aliases.cfg,
playerlogos.cfg, clanlogos.cfg, clannames.cfg, permitclan.cfg and
registered.cfg are NO LONGER used. And are replaced with the players.cfg
and clans.cfg files. These 2 new files centralize a lot of the old style
configurations which will make it easier for you to maintain your server.

Theme Notes:
Themes created since v1.7 will continue to work in this version!

If you have any questions or problems with PsychoStats please go to the
online forums at:

================================================== =========================
================================================== =========================

For more installation help, please go to the online documentation at:

Instructions on how to install PsychoStats on a windows system come after
the Linux section.

Unix Installation Instructions (from scratch)
================================================== =========================

To install PsychoStats, simply run the install script provided.
prompt> ./

Before you run the script, make sure to edit the stats.cfg file first. The
only things requiring to be correct before install in that file are the
HTMLPATH and PICSPATH variables at the top of the file.

If the install script fails for some reason here are the steps to do a
manual install. Also, if the install script does in fact not work for you,
please post your issue in the forums or email me with the information at

Manual Install:
1) Untar the archive, which you've already done.
2) move the 'images' directory to your HTML directory for your
website. For example, if the path to your website root is:
and you're putting the stats in (create this directory too):
copy or move the 'images' directory to:
3) Edit the stats.cfg to your needs/system.
4) Install the crontab for Psychostats. Read the cronexample file for more
5) You should run PsychoStats manually the first time by running it at the
prompt like this:
./stats -v
This will give you feedback during the update and will be able to help
determine where an error occurs (if any at all)

If you do receive any errors you can go to the forums at
And we can try and help. When posting an installation problem please show the
actual error you receive along with what you've done up to the point you
received the error.

Windows installation instructions
================================================== =========================
These steps were done on a Windows 2000 Professional system.
Windows 95/98/ME systems may differ slightly.
These instructions are very basic and you may want to try one of the online
guides more useful at

1) Add the line "log on" to your autoexec.cfg file for your server. This
sets up the HLDS server to log all game actions (except for chat messages).
If the autoexec.cfg does not exist within your MOD directory you must
create a new file.

2) Install a web server on your system. I used Microsoft Personal
Web Server (PWS).

For Windows 2000 Professional this is what you do.

To install the web server go to control panel and click add/remove programs.
Then click add/remove windows components.
Double Click on the IIS Component and check Personal Web Manager & World Wide Web Server.
Click ok then next. Pop in the Win 2K cd and let it install the components.
You may need to restart your computer if you need to do it.
Now after its installed go to Start-Programs-Adminstrative Tools-Personal Web Manager

If not already enabled, enable the check box "Enable Default Document". In
the text field "Default Documents" add "index.html," so that the resulting
text is (note there are no spaces):


Next your Home Directory needs to be where you have installed P. Stats into.
Example: c:\hlserver\cstrike\stats
To edit your home directory click the advanced tab on the left and then properties
You can either browse to the directory or input it manually.
The reason for this is because it needs to point to where your index.html is located.

To install PWS on a Windows 98 machine, insert your Windows 98 cdrom and run

<cdrom drive>:\add-ons\pws\setup.exe

I used the "Typical" installation and used the default paths.

3) Configure PWS by starting:

start ->
programs ->
Microsoft Personal Web Server ->
Personal Web Manager

In the menu select: View -> Advanced

If not already enabled, enable the check box "Enable Default Document". In
the text field "Default Documents" add "index.html," so that the resulting
text is (note there are no spaces):


4) Install ActivePerl.
Browse the ActivePerl download page:

As suggested on the ActivePerl download page, I first downloaded and
installed the Windows Installer (download links are on the page).

I then downloaded and installed "Windows MSI" version of Perl. I
installed using the defaults.

For non-NT systems, ensure the file C:\autoexec.bat contains a line such as

set PATH = "C:\Perl\bin;%PATH%"

if not, add it and reboot.

5) Modify the stats.cfg to reflect your system configuration.
For example:
logpath = c:\hlserver\cstrike\logs
htmlpath = c:\hlserver\cstrike\stats
picspath = c:\hlserver\cstrike\stats\images\mappics\

6) Install PsychoStats by running the '' script provided. If
ActivePerl is installed correctly you should be able to just double click
it from the Windows Explorer.

7) To regularly update the stats, you'll have to periodically run the
"" program. You can use the widows task scheduler to do that. Here is

start -> programs -> Accessories -> system tools -> scheduled tasks

Open the icon labeled "Add scheduled task". This will run the "scheduled
Task Wizard".

In the wizard click "Next" then wait several minutes while Windows scans
your system for all executables. When it is done click "Browse". In the
text entry area "File name" enter "c:\psychostats\" (be sure to use the
actual directory to where you put PsychoStats), then click "Open".

Select the "daily" radio button, then click next. For the next wizard step
just click "next". Enable the check box "Open advanced properties for this
task when I click Finsh", then click "Finish".

A properties box will come up.
Select the "Task" tab (actually it should be selected be default).
The "Run" text box should read:

start /minimized "C:\psychostats\"

Select the "Schedule" tab, then click the "Advanced" button. In the box
that pops up enable the "Repeat task" check box. Next to "Every" set the
number of minutes you want to repeat the update. If you want to update
every half-hour, put 30. Then select the "Duration" radio button and set
in to 24 hours. Click "OK".

Select the "Settings" tab. (this step is optional)
Enable the check box "Only start the task if the computer is ide for at
least". Under the chek box enter 5 minutes. In the "If the comupter has
not been idle that long, retry for up to:" minutes field enter 20. Click
"OK", you're done, the task is running.

RECOMMENDED----If the system checking for idle causes server lag then just set the event
to be run once daily at 5:30AM.

8) Another little tip. When running the cs_stats.exe program you end up losing ur log files.
If you want to update your stats all u have to do is just run the (which you already set up
in the task scheduler.

9) Once all these steps are complete to test and make sure your web server and stats have
been updated do this. Go into Internet Explorer and type:
Example - (the web server would be the IP number of your computer), You
might be able to use "" as well. If your stats page comes up your all set
and ready to link it to your web page.

edited and cleaned up by: {ECA}Wolffman
edited by Stormtrooper (09/16/2001)
edited by Stormtrooper (04/02/2002)

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