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PsychoStats v2.3.4

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Welcome to PsychoStats v2.2 BETA

Online documentation is available here:

If you are upgrading from the previous BETA release you should run the ''
script that is included. It will upgrade your previous installation w/o losing any
of your current statistics.

This software requires:
* Perl v5.6
* DBI and DBD::mysql modules installed
* PHP 4.1 (4.3 is recommended)
* GD2 extension is required for stats graphs

This software is being provided free for all users under the GNU GPL license. See the
included license.txt file for futher details. Donations are always welcome. Please
see the website for more information.

All first time users should start by running the install wizard. Windows users simply
have to double click on the icon to start. Linux users should run the
install like this:

The install wizard is interactive and will guide you through the setup process.

If you have any problems installing the software, please go to the online forums
at the website. Help will also be available via our
IRC channel #psychostats on the gamesurge IRC network. Please understand that I can
not respond to all requests for help. Your best chance of receiving help is to use
the online forums or try the #psychostats IRC channel on gamesurge.

I hope you enjoy the software.
Jason Morriss aka. "Stormtrooper"

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