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SturmBot v1.6 (Linux)


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SturmBot v1.6 (Linux)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 12th March 2017, 03:21 AM
  • Last Updated 12th March 2017, 03:21 AM
  • Category DoD 1.3 Bots
  • Total Downloads 23


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Sturmbot's history.


Added:- Dod 1.0 support
Added:- Bots now use bazookas.
Added:- Bots will now find it harder to detect enemies in dark areas.
Added:- "botteambalance" command - bots will switch teams to ensure equal teams.
Added:- "learn_priority" and "random_skill" commands.
Added:- cvars to control what classes the bots select.
Added:- "Bazooka waypoint" and "Obstruction waypoint"
Added:- Waypoints for all official maps.
Added:- Bots will now also attack enemies while calculating paths.
Added:- Bots will now find it harder to see enemies if they are hiding in a bush.
Added:- Bots with bolt-action rifles will now strafe to cover after firing.
Added:- Better support for capture areas.
Added:- Bots use the map and add markers where they spot enemy machinegunners.

Fixed:- Bug that made bots not always get kicked as they should.
Fixed:- Bug with the use of dod in-text variables (%l, %c etc)
Fixed:- Bloodmode stability issues
Fixed:- Bug that made bots sometimes stand still for a very long time after teamkilling.
Fixed:- Improved the flag capture code.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots not take cover properly.
Fixed:- Bots will reload their weapon if the clip is half empty
Fixed:- Bug that made Sturmbot crash if a player said a very long message.
Fixed:- Bug that could cause Sturmbot to crash after switching maps.
Fixed:- Bots no longer try to listen to spectators or kicked players footsteps
Fixed:- Bug that made MG-34 bots think they never had any extra ammo.
Fixed:- Better support for capture areas.
Fixed:- Bug with the addbot menu.
Fixed:- Improved bots learning.
Fixed:- Bots now find it easier to see enemies firing their weapon.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots sometimes not detect incoming bullets.
Fixed:- Bots will now always know what team a flag belongs to.
Fixed:- Bots won't use "I need ammo" voice command if they run out of ammo in their pistol.
Fixed:- Bug when using dllname.cfg file.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots move blindy after sniping.
Fixed:- Bug that made takecover code not work if there were only non teamspecific waypoints in the map.
Fixed:- max_bots and min_bots commands now also work on listenserver.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots respond to words inside other words when listening to messages from players.
Fixed:- Some other small bugs.


Added:- Short-time memory.
Added:- Several advanced squad behaviours.
Added:- The bots will now use the scope on sniper rifles.
Added:- MG code improved
Added:- The bots now learn which sniper spots are good and only guard areas where enemies usually come.
Added:- MG bots will advance until they have a clear line of sight of the enemy.
Added:- The bots will throw grenades more often.
Added:- The bots will now use the bayonet.
Added:- The bots will say sorry if they kill one of their teammates.
Added:- The bots will now sometimes understand and reply if you talk to them.
Added:- Better readme file.
Added:- "waypoint backup" command
Added:- You can now select which dll file Sturmbot will load, usefull if you are using metamod.
Added:- 2 types of botchat.
Added:- The bots use more handsignals.
Added:- Different menus for para maps.
Added:- "kickteam" command

Fixed:- Bots won't say "Fire in the hole" when there are no friends nearby.
Fixed:- Bots won't say "Enemy ahead" unless the enemy already spotted them.
Fixed:- Bots now know how to use buttons properly.
Fixed:- Bots now try even harder to avoid shooting friends.
Fixed:- Bots now understand the "Enemy Ahead" command.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots not aim properly when trying to destroy a breakable object.
Fixed:- Reduced the distance the bots could see players.
Fixed:- Bots now properly advance when trying to take out a MG nest.
Fixed:- The max_bots command can now be used without using the min_bots command.
Fixed:- Bots weapons are now just as accurate as the weapons humans use.
Fixed:- Bots that are guarding something have now got increased reactions.
Fixed:- Bots won't crouch in combat if they already are proning.
Fixed:- Problem with waypoint team command when adding paths
Fixed:- Bug that made it look like bots were alive when they in fact were dead.
Fixed:- Bug when bot tried to takecover and reload.
Fixed:- Bug that made MG bots sometimes miss proning players
Fixed:- Bots won't scream "I need ammo" as often as they did before.
Fixed:- Bug with snipe/guard spots.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots think they had grenades when they didn't have any.
Fixed:- Improved take cover code.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints.
Fixed:- A waypoint bug.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots not hear bullets sometimes
Fixed:- Bug that made bots say "Machine gun ahead" when the enemy not was a machinegunner.
Fixed:- Connections will now be copied when a waypoint is dublicated
Fixed:- "ways rebuild" will now rebuild the ways on both teams.
Fixed:- Bug with the "knifeonly" command
Fixed:- Bug when a bot was under water.


Added:- Dod 3.0 support
Added:- Waypoints for para_glider, para_hedgerow and para_kraftstoff
Added:- Faster and better take cover code.
Added:- Support for capture areas connected to a object.
Added:- New "waypoint team" command.
Added:- Bots will now take cover before they reload.
Added:- Bots will now follow other players if they got a object.
Added:- Support for capture areas without any connections to a flag or object.
Added:- You can now make navigation waypoints out of non teamspecific waypoints.
Added:- "killall" command.
Added:- Different animation when bots are calculating paths.

Fixed:- Navigation bug.
Fixed:- Bug with some commands in bot.cfg file.
Fixed:- Bots will now aim much better at close distance.
Fixed:- Bots will now deploy all deployable weapons.
Fixed:- Sniper spots fixed.
Fixed:- Bug with gunmode.
Fixed:- Changed default values of scorefactor and dangerfactor.
Fixed:- Bug when bots are carrying objects fixed.
Fixed:- Removed a navigation bug.
Fixed:- Bug that made bots stand still.
Fixed:- Bug when bots was stuck in alleys fixed.
Fixed:- Bug with the "waypoint test" command.
Fixed:- Some other small bugs.


Added:- Sprint waypoint.
Added:- Bots will now kill teamkillers
Added:- New commands maxteamkills and fillserver

Fixed:- Removed aiming bug!
Fixed:- Sniper spots redone.
Fixed:- Linux library problems.
Fixed:- The bots will no longer stand still by no reason.
Fixed:- The bots will no longer throw more grenades than needed.
Fixed:- Bots with machinegun will now deploy it before covering fire.
Fixed:- Removed some bugs when the limit of 1024 waypoints was hit.
Fixed:- The bots will now hear footstep better
Fixed:- The bots will not shoot their teammates soo often anymore.
Fixed:- Improved some waypoints.
Fixed:- Adjusted the bots aiming skills.
Fixed:- Bots work's better in squads.
Fixed:- A bug when gunmode is turned on.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for all maps
Fixed:- Covering fire works better now.
Fixed:- Some other small bugs.
Fixed:- Works with more flag models.


Added:- Linux support.
Added:- Support for Dod 2.1
Added:- The bots will now drop ammo.
Added:- The bots will now throw grenades att machine gunners.
Added:- The bots "hears" better.
Added:- The bots blows up the breakable wallpieces in dod_caen2.
Added:- Improved squad system.
Added:- New commands, sturmbot_password and select_password
Added:- Soft turning.
Added:- Machinegunner bots will not try to stand and shoot.
Added:- The bots will try to find you if you hide.
Added:- Lesser chance for sniper bots to form a squad.
Added:- The bots learn where they have seen enemies.
Added:- Non team specific waypoints.
Added:- Improved the combat behaviours.
Added:- New funmodes.
Added:- Botchat option added.
Added:- New waypoint command "waypoint teamspecific"
Added:- The bots now listen to the "Machine gun ahead" and "Use your grenades" voice commands.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_koln and dod_cherbourg.
Added:- Installer.

Fixed:- Removed covering fire bug.
Fixed:- Removed bug that made bots not detect bullets.
Fixed:- Bug with sniper bots.
Fixed:- Underwater navigation fixed.
Fixed:- The bots won't get stuck in other proning bots.
Fixed:- The bots won't hit moving targets soo easy as before.
Fixed:- Machinegunner bots will deploy their machine gun more often.
Fixed:- Kicked bots can now be added again.
Fixed:- Bots climb ladders much better.
Fixed:- Fill server command will now add bots with different skills.
Fixed:- The bots won't get stuck as often.
Fixed:- The bots will see you easier when you prone or crouch.
Fixed:- Removed some navigation bugs.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for all maps.
Fixed:- Removed some crash bugs.
Fixed:- Changed some waypoint colors.
Fixed:- A lot of other small bugs.


Added:- Beta 2.0 support.
Added:- The bots use more voice commands.
Added:- The bots listen to more voice commands.
Added:- The bots use some handsignals.
Added:- Waypoints for all official maps.
Added:- Machine gunner bots go prone while in combat.
Added:- The bots will deploy their machine gun.
Added:- Added support for capture areas.
Added:- Support for maps with multiple objects and capture points.
Added:- Different combat behaviour for skilled bots.
Added:- New fun mode.
Fixed:- Spectators can now edit waypoints.
Fixed:- The bots selects and use all weapons.
Fixed:- Removed some navigation bugs.
Fixed:- Improved the squad system.
Fixed:- All different classes will now listen to "Covering Fire" and "Sniper"
Fixed:- Crouch jump bug


Added:- The bots will listen to and say "Covering Fire" in a much smarter manner.
Added:- A waypoint finding tool that will allow you to find a specific waypoint.
Added:- Bots (or players) will be teleported to a start position if they spawn inside each others.
Added:- The bots will sneak upon enemies with their knife.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_koln, dod_d-day_inv_b02 and dod_beachhead_b1.
Added:- Friendlyfiremode and robotmode.
Added:- The bots will discover the enemy more easy if they are skilled.
Added:- Skilled bots have greater Field Of View.
Added:- Support for maps with both objects and flags.
Added:- Bot menu.
Added:- Bots can aim at all bodyparts.
Added:- Bots will try to get out when they are stuck in an alleyway.
Added:- Adjustable cpu usage with "cyclefreq" (the bots will stand still if you put it too high).

Fixed:- Uses less cpu.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for dod_cherbourg, dod_omaha, dod_hill and dod_sicily.
Fixed:- The bots have improved vision when using a stationary gun.
Fixed:- A bot always know if a bullet strikes the wall behind them.
Fixed:- Skilled bots doesn't always aim at the head.
Fixed:- The bots will know the side of a flag which does not use the standard flag model.
Fixed:- Quicksave now also saves the path graph.
Fixed:- Removed a navigation bug.
Fixed:- The bots always know the team of a flag.
Fixed:- The bots won't shout "sniper" as often.
Fixed:- Sturmbot will look for waypoints in both the maps and the waypoints folder.
Fixed:- The bots won't try to find a waypoint that is unreachable.
Fixed:- Removed all known crashes.
Fixed:- The bots won't listen to friendlies footsteps.


Added:- Bots will use more paths.
Added:- Bots will learn by their mistakes.
Added:- A waypoint manual.
Added:- Bots form squads.
Added:- Bots use their pistol better.
Added:- Bots fire shots in a burst.
Added:- New clientcommands pistolonly,knifeonly and grenadeonly
Added:- Waypoints for all official maps except dod_koln.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_goldbeach and dod_beachhead_b1.
Added:- You can now add bots without the rank in their names.
Added:- Placed everything in a sturmbot folder.
Added:- Bot menu.
Added:- Bots will now be added to the team with fewest players.
Added:- Adjustable braveness.
Fixed:- Bots use less voice commands.
Fixed:- Bots see you more easy when you prone
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for all maps.
Fixed:- Uses less cpu.
Fixed:- Knife bug.
Fixed:- Aiming bug.
Fixed:- Fixed the button waypoint.
Fixed:- Bots see moving target more easy.
Fixed:- Lot of small bugs.


Added:- New clientcommands throw_grenade.
Added:- Bots use the voice command: "Move out!"
Fixed:- Bots donīt scream sniper all the time!


Added:- More advanced grenade throwing.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_oslo, dod_mainz, dod_hill, dod_seg3 and dod_dam.
Added:- Bots get scared by bullets.
Added:- Bots use stationary guns.
Added:- Button waypoint.
Added:- Bots get scared if someone is sniping at them.
Added:- Bots sometimes guard a flag.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints in dod_snowtown.
Fixed:- Changed some waypoint colors.
Fixed:- Some bot speed bugs.
Fixed:- Bots avoid grenades better.
Fixed:- Bots try to avoid getting stuck.
Fixed:- Canīt add bots to maps without waypoints.
Fixed:- The bots will work in maps without goal waypoints.
Fixed:- Smaller download size.


Added:- Added Guard waypoint.
Added:- New clientcommands min_reaction and max_reaction and addbotmenu
Added:- Support for Object/Bomb maps.
Added:- Waypoints for dod_omaha and dod_vn61.
Added:- Bots use the voice command: "Squad, Stick Together!".
Added:- Bots listen the voice commands: "Squad, Stick Together!","Squad, Spread Out!" and "Need Backup!".
Fixed:- Bots donīt run to fast.
Fixed:- All sniper bugs fixed.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for dod_caen,dod_cherbourg and dod_snowtown.
Fixed:- Bots climb ladders.
Fixed:- Bots donīt shoot at kicked players.
Fixed:- The game dosent crash in dod_snowtown.


Added:- Bots use the voice command: Sniper!.
Added:- Bots listen to voice command: Take Cover!
Added:- Waypoints added to dod_snowtown.
Added:- New "crouch jump" waypoint (used in dod_snowtown)
Added:- New "precision" waypoint
Fixed:- Clients no longer prone when they hear "Move out!"
Fixed:- Dead sniper fix.
Fixed:- Improved waypoints for dod_caen.
Fixed:- Bots avoid grenades better.

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