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FoxBot 0.75 (Source Code)


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FoxBot 0.75 (Source Code)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 9th May 2017, 10:27 PM
  • Last Updated 9th May 2017, 10:30 PM
  • Category TFC Bots
  • Total Downloads 10


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FoxBot devised by Tom Simpson ~ RedFox

FoxBot Version History

Version 0.75
Updated by Zybby

- A Bot that is having trouble aiming at a target may fire less often for a
few moments in order to avoid wasting ammo on bad shots.

- Each bots aim is now negatively affected by it's own speed and by the
speed of it's target.

- Bots can now notice when a concussion jump failed to boost them near enough
to the concussion jump waypoint they were aiming for, and will rethink their
goal when this happens.

- Bots will only chat if they can see no enemies nearby.
They will also pause briefly when chatting, as if typing on a keyboard.

- The bot setting bot_chat can now be set to a number from 0 to 1000.
The higher this number the more often the bots will chat during the
course of a game. Or you can set it to 0 to stop them chatting completely.

- New config setting and console command: bot_use_grenades (0 - 2).
When set to 0 the bots are not allowed to use any grenades.
When set to 1 the bots may concussion jump.
When set to 2 the bots can use all grenades freely.
[Change made from a request by [EI]Weasel]

- The bot setting botskill has been replaced with two new bot settings:
botskill_lower and botskill_upper.
These allow you to set the range of randomly selected skill levels
that bots will spawn with, when they join a game automatically.

- Defenders no longer forget the waypoint they were defending when they
go to investigate a suspicious sound.

- All bots now listen out for sounds that their enemies may make(e.g. a grenade
being primed, or a crowbar being swung about). This makes them more aware
of any potential attackers in the area.

- Medics and Engineers may now investigate calls for a Medic that they hear
coming from an unknown source.
This also means that they can now respond to calls for a Medic coming
from bot teammates, not just human players.

- Bots now check to see if a Medic is present on their team before calling for
a Medic. Much the same way as humans can check the score board for Medics.

- Bots will not call for a Medic if they are already heading towards a health

- If a map script file issues the script command blue_attack, red_attack,
green_attack or yellow_attack then that teams bots will be less willing
to evade enemies, so that they are more aggressive.
This affects blue teams bot behaviour on Dustbowl for example.

- Bots now keep track of the number of enemies and allies they can see nearby.
The more a bot is outnumbered the more likely it will be to prime a grenade
and/or evade it's enemies.
The reverse is true if it's enemy appears to be outnumbered.

- If a bot on offense spots another bot on offense then it might decide to
tag along with that bot for a while so that they can combine their
firepower and abilities.

- Bots(especially bot defenders), when suspicious of a disguised enemy Spy,
may follow the Spy about for a bit before they decide to attack him.

- Bots with skill levels 3, 4 and 5 no longer pause during a concussion jump.

- Bots with skill levels 3, 4 and 5 no longer pause for a "think" whilst

- Bots of all skill levels may now pause occasionally as if having a think.
Bots of skill levels 3 - 5 no longer pause as often as they used to.
Also, when bots pause to "think" they will look around them, in case they
spot anything interesting.

- Changes have been made to reduce occurences of "suicide by grenade".
These changes are:
1. If a bot is holding a live grenade and has no enemy it will try to
throw the grenade at the last known enemy position, or at some distant
visible point.
2. Bots take their health into account when deciding when to throw a held
grenade. The less health they have the sooner they throw.
3. Bots are less likely to prime a grenade when standing right next to
their enemies.
4. Bots are encouraged to retreat from an enemy if the enemy is very near
and the bot is about to throw a grenade at them.

- Medics and Scouts may throw concussion grenades at enemies if they feel
threatened enough. If they have only one concussion grenade left they
will keep it for concussion jumping with.

- Medics and Snipers may throw frag grenades at their enemies, not just at sentry guns.

- Outnumbered spies may throw gas grenades at enemies as well as frag grenades.

- Outnumbered Heavy weapon guys and Demomen are more likely to throw MIRV
grenades at enemies than frag grenades.

- Outnumbered Soldiers are more likely to throw nail grenades at enemies than
frag grenades.

- Minor waypoint tweaks for: badlands, casbah, epicenter, flagrun, hunted and well.

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