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RCBot2 v1.01-r491 (Win32/Linux)


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RCBot2 v1.01-r491 (Win32/Linux)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 21st May 2017, 11:51 PM
  • Last Updated 31st December 2018, 09:55 PM
  • Category SRCDS Addons
  • Total Downloads 395


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# RCBot2 for Windows and Linux (TF2, HL2M, DOD:S)

## Information
This is a fork of Cheeseh's RCBot2 repository. This aims to build on top of it to add features along with possible stability fixes.
Note that this is mainly intended for TF2.


## Building
### Windows
Make sure to have Visual Studio 2013 installed.
Other than that, it should compile fine, even with the latest Visual Studio 2017.

### Linux
Run ./ in 'linux_sdk'

* Go to `linux_sdk`
* Type `make -f Makefile.rcbot2 vcpm`
* Type `make -f Makefile.rcbot2 genmf` (this will generate the Makefiles)
* Edit `Makefile.rcbot2` and `Makefile.HPB_bot2_*` according to your needs
* Most of the time you will only need to modify Line 21 and 55 of `Makefile.rcbot2`
* Type `make -f Makefile.rcbot2 all -j4 2> error.log`
* Check the `error.log`


Make sure to check out the [ discord]( for support and to stay updated.

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