FoxBot 0.698 (Win32 + Src)


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FoxBot 0.698 (Win32 + Src)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 30th May 2017, 03:52 PM
  • Last Updated 1st June 2017, 06:07 PM
  • Category TFC Bots
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This is the source code and Windows build for Foxbot 0.698 Final.

FoxBot devised by Tom Simpson ~ RedFox

Version 0.698 Final (Build # was not changed to 0.699 until later. No tweeks/fixes were made)
This update was created by Grubber and DrEvil

- Added bot engineers making teleporters

- bots take teams teleporters

I forget whatever else was covered in this build?

About the Teleporters: Un-stable!

The engineer's will build teleporters & the bots will take them & human teleporters.

But if a human builds where a bot has no waypoints, the server WILL crash!!

Unless the server admin places extra waypoints where humans can get but bots can't..

Example: crossover2 base roof's. (i think the water also).

Version 0.698 Final (Change Added by Grubber and DrEvil)
Apr 5 2003

Bots on ladders tweak

foxbot_commanders.txt can load steam ID's

I've compiled this release in Visual C+- 6, can you please test the speed difference
between this build and build 17, there was such a small amount of actual code changed
here you should be able to just do a straight comparison. The DLL came out bigger, which
I didn't expect but if you run a server or something please compare cpu usages.
I'll post a VC+- .NET compile tomorrow.

Overall Changelog from last full release:

- Added bot ordering *

- Implemented "color_attack" and "color_defend" into the start section of scripts.
These commands adjust the offensive ratio for the team. (see dustbowl script)

- Rocketjumping - This feature needs updated waypoints to take advantage of*.

- Conc Jumping - This feature needs updated waypoints to take advantage of*.

- Demo-man bots lay and detonate pipe traps from Demo-man defender waypoints.

- Script support for defense tags(command points)

- Engys should pick closest sg point to their own flag if its not already taken.

- Grenade arc & leading skill based error.

- Toned down HW-Guy aim.

- NEO-TF : Pyro bots use the jetpack boost to get to rocketjump points**.

- NEO-TF : Pyro bots use freeze weapon**.

- NEO-TF : Scout bots use ring of shadows against sentrys**.

- Bots Time, Arc, & lead Grenades for better combat effectiveness.

- Bot Engys repair teammates armor if needed.

- Greatly improved sentry memory

- Implemented 180 degree sentry rotation waypoint tags.

- Demo-men arc pipes.

- When running with a primed nade, and no target, bots should turn around to toss them
when the timer gets low

- Bots should not prime underwater, and should drop any nades they have upon going underwater.

- Bots should use appropriate grenades against sg's, and only use conc/gas if they are
out of the primary type.

- Bots announce enemy SG positions, and announce when the sg's are down.

- Defense classes announce their defend area.

- Bot Hearing system. Defensive bots should go investigate some common sounds they hear
while defending.

- Defense Points - Bots choose to defend based on the ratio of offensive classes on their team.
These are waypoint tags.

--- 1) Normal Defense Point - Usable by Soldiers/Hwguys/Demo-men

--- 2) Demo-man Defense Point - Usable by demo's only. Favored over normal Defense points so they will lay pipes there.

- 2 new CVARS

--- 1) defensive_chatter 1/0 - controls bots announcing defense related messages.

--- 2) offensive_chatter 1/0 - same for offensive bots.

- Implemented changerole command (see below)


botname changeclass #

botname changeclassnow #

botname changerole role

valid roles are: attack, defend, roam

- Only 1 bot should escort flag carrier.

- Fixed aiming at feet.

- Should be a height limit for medic responses

- Tweaked avoid code

- Fixed demo trying to blow up friendly flag carriers

- Fixed wrong area reporting

- miscellaneous fixes & tweaks.

- Bot Medics should pump your health up a bit more.

- Greatly reduced pause delays in lower skilled bots.

- Various tweaks to cut down on bot nade suicides

- Fixed interrupting engys while building by calling for medic.

- Engys & medics shouldnt respond unless you actually need it

- Introduced a bit of error in bot dispensor detting

- Quite a few speed optimizations.

- Fixed cfg files not getting loaded.

- Check to prevent engys from building on the same spot.

- Bots discard occasionally to reduce EMP vulnerability.

- Engys shouldn't repair infected teammates.

- Bots shouldn't run for health if infected(reduce infection spreading)

- Tweaked soldiers shooting at feet if target is higher.

- Completely re-arranged waypoint menus, to make room so I can keep tags logically arranged.

* Ordering bots -

Go to your halflife/foxbot/tfc folder and create a file called foxbot_commanders.txt

Open this file in notepad and add wonids for all players you wish to give commander access to.
1 wonid per line.

Only the people with the wonids in this list will be able to give the bots commands.
There are 2 commands currently implemented. Commands are given through team chat during play.

** You will need to be running Neo-TF in order to see these features.
** Get is at

Version v0.697 (1.6.0)

- Projectile leading, soldiers and demoman will lead for better accuracy on moving targets

- Basic SG memory added, when bot is killed by SG/MG they instantly aim for it next time around

- Better and friendlier aim/nav movement

- New command bot "dump" for HLDS debugging

- Spy detection heightened

- Added FoxBot client connect message

- Compiled with latest metamod version 1.15 (Note: you must update your metamod!)

- Waypoint entities not cached unless in waypointing mode (fixes warpath crashes)

- Bots aim is more accurately affected by concs

- Fixed bots unable to shoot feigned spies

- Fixed Medic bots targeting disguised enemy spies and not attacking them

- Fixed Engineer bots from building SG in combat

- Fixed Demoman bots not reloading in combat

- Fixed cr_<class> limit bug where bots try to choose unavailable classes

- Ent fixer updated, various broken door bugs fixed

- Linux: required new GCC libraries compiled into .so for older GCC version compatibility

- Windows: All bot fixes from linux v0.696 included

- Neo-TF: Medics use snarks in battle

- Neo-TF: Snipers build ladder and not rocket pack in new neo-tf version

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