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X-Wing 95 Pilot Converter utility


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X-Wing 95 Pilot Converter utility

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Written by Eric M. Johnson

NOTE: Use the Program Compatibility options and run this app as Windows XP SP3.

Copyright 1998 by Eric M. Johnson

Background image taken from a X-Wing desktop theme (I think, sorry for not giving credit
I don't remember where I found the picture...)

This zip archive contains the following files:
plt_conv.exe - the utility
comdlg32.ocx - 32 bit common dialog VB file
threed32.ocx - 32 bit 3D button VB file
vb40032.dll - VB 4 32 bit runtime library
readme.txt - the file you're reading

The VB files may already be in your windows\system or windows\system32 directory,
if so, delete these copies.

I didn't include a fancy setup utility because it makes the archive swell to over 3 meg!

It's simple to use, just extract to wherever you like, and run the executable. By default it
will look in it's home directory for pilot files, so a good place might be your X-Wing directory.

Select the conversion you want, point it at the file and that's it.

You may want to backup your original file, but the utility will change the name of the
new file, so it should never overwrite your original.

The new pilot file name will be the original + either "_95" or "_DOS" depending on
the format of the new file.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or problems with this program. I can be
reached at:
[email protected]

This program is Freeware. However, feel free to send me money! It'll help me buy a
CD-RW drive!


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