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X-Wing Pilot File Editor v2.1


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X-Wing Pilot File Editor v2.1

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Use Windows 95 or Windows 98 by using VMWare in order to open the app for better use.



Legal Stuff
Contacting The Programmer
What Is PFE?
Using PFE
Starting PFE
Editing Your Pilot File
PFE Key Summary
Exiting PFE
Known Bugs
Revision History

Legal Stuff

"PFE v2.1" is (C) Andrew Blanchard, October 1993
"X-Wing" & "Imperial Pursuit" (C) LucasArts Entertainment Company, 1993

Contacting The Programmer

Comments, bug reports, donations and job offers may be sent to:

Andrew Blanchard
24 Town Green Lane
L39 6SF

There is no fixed registration fee attached to PFE, how much you send is
entirely up to you. However, anyone sending 10 or more will be sent
the next release of PFE free of charge, so don't forget to send details
of your address and required disk size. In addition I will consider the
first 10 reports of a bug as a 10 donation and the same for suggestions
that get implemented in a subsequent release of PFE.

What Is PFE?

PFE is an editor for saved pilot files for the LucasArts game "X-Wing",
and also supports the "Imperial Pursuit" mission disk. At a basic level
it allows the user to edit any aspect of a pilot's performance log as
required. However it is intended to allow users to skip any difficult
missions and make up for deficiencies in X-Wing program, namely ships
captured are not recorded, nor are the destruction of mines/probes: I
killed it, so I want it in my log!!!

Also included is a pilot file called IPTOPACE.PLT. This is an enhanced
version of the TOPACE.PLT file included in "Imperial Pursuit" that adds
the "Imperial Pursuit" missions to those completed.

Using PFE

Using PFE should be simple, however, just in case...

Starting PFE
PFE accepts the FULL name of a pilot file on the command line, ie:
"PFE iptopace.plt" or will prompt for one if it is not given. Both
options can be used with a path if required, although I recommend
placing PFE in your X-Wing directory to dispense with this.

Editing Your Pilot File
Assuming no errors occurred in opening the pilot file you will now
see the PFE editing screen with a flashing cursor by the "Status"
entry. You may now use the keys listed in the following section to
make any required changes to your file. Remember that if you make
a mistake you can simply correct it or abandon your changes.

PFE Key Summary
Cursor keys: Move the cursor ;^)
F1 - F4: Switch editing screen
F5: Exit with option to discard changes
+/-: Increment / decrement value
Numeric keys: Input new numeric value directly (see Note #1)
Page Up / Down: Change tour being edited

Exiting PFE
To exit PFE press the "F5" key. You will now be asked whether to
save your work (press "S"), abandon it (press "A") or continue your
editing (press any other key)

* Numeric keys cannot be used to change the last maze level that
was completed, use the +/- keys instead.
* Some values cannot exceed 65,535. If you enter a value greater
than this is will be rounded down.
* In the interests of screen design I have put an arbitrary limit
of 999,999 onto mission scores which is sufficient to display
all *realistic* scores: I scored over 100,000 points for one
* the Tour IV & Tour V medals are only displayed if you installed
a mission disk.
* For simplicity I chose to display 24 missions for each tour, the
actual number of missions per tour are as follows:
Tour I: 12
Tour II: 12
Tour III: 14
Tour IV: 20
However on tour IV (Imperial Pursuit) there are four missions
where you are given a choice of missions. Since X-Wing will
ignore extra scores and takes the first score of a optional
mission I was not overly concerned about this.

Known Bugs

NONE! But if you can find one let me know: I'll treat the first 10
genuine reports of a bug as a 10 registration (see above) and will send
you the latest (fixed) version of PFE as soon as it is finished. Bug
reports may be sent to the address given in the Registration section of
this document.

Revision History

1.0 Clunky multi-choice menu based effort to get the job done. Not
released as Shareware

2.0 *MAJOR* re-write, new features include:
Totally new look
Considerable amount of error checking code added
Final bytes of Pilot file deciphered correctly (I hope)
A few bugs fixed
The first shareware release

2.1 FINALLY got around to using Turbo Profiler:
Approx 10% speed up on screen redraws
Tidied up and optimized the code
Documentation re-write, (the old version got zapped, oops)
A few spelling errors and minor bugs removed
Added support to save & restore user's screen mode (I hope)
Added support for the "Imperial Pursuit" mission disk.

2.2 Support for B-Wing mission disk: coming soon!!!

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