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Yuri's Revenge Unofficial v1.002 Mini-Patch


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Yuri's Revenge Unofficial v1.002 Mini-Patch

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Yuri's Revenge Unofficial 1.002 Mini-Patch
Requires: Yuri's Revenge 1.001

This 'mini-patch' is in the form of a mod and does not permanently affect Yuri's Revenge. It is designed for those who want some bug fixes but are not interested in game modifications. The mini-patch is only effected when the mod is active. The only modifications are undeniable bug fixes. You can play online with the patch/mod provided all players have the same version enabled.

If you have discovered any bugs and/or fixes let us know! We will continue to update the UMP as new fixes are discovered.
If you wish to include the bug fixes provided by the UMP in your mod then visit for the UMP Developer's Pack.

Assault Mode
The UMP also provides support for the Assault game mode developed by CannisRabidus and DeeZire.
In order to play this mode you will need to have installed at least one of the Assault Map Packs, available from
The latest version of the UMP supports map packs 1 and 2. You can see all of the supported maps on the select map screen for Skirmish, Network and Internet games but if you select a map that you do not have then an error will occur.
The Assault game mode is the same as the standard Battle mode with one major difference - a critical structure that you must defend at all costs. Each player begins with their MCV and starting units as usual plus the vital assault Flag. If this critical structure is destroyed you will lose the game instantly. Destroy your enemies' Flag to defeat them.

Minor Super Mode
This game mode is identical to Battle except that the Weather Controller, Nuclear Missile Silo and Psychic Dominator are never available whereas the Chrono Sphere, Iron Curtain Device and Genetic Mutator are always available. The Force Shield is optional, being the only thing controlled by the 'Super Weapons' checkbox in this mode.

Enhanced AI
An enhanced AI known as 'DeeVious AI' was created by DeeZire for the DeeZire mod and modified by me for use in normal Yuri's Revenge. Many thanks to DeeZire at for this. You will be asked if you wish to enable this enhanced AI after clicking 'launch'. Note that if you wish to play in a network or internet game everyone who is playing will have to have the same AI mode enabled as the host. The default selected option is 'enabled'.

Mini-Patch Content Detail

Release #5: 2005-01-11
Bug Fixes:
Refund amount for selling an Industrial Plant increased to correct amount.
Crazy Ivan IFV explosion now displays correct animation.
Weather Controller damaged animations fixed.
Psychic Tower damaged animation (arctic) fixed.
Chrono Miner no longer does a little hop in the air when unloading at a refinery.

Previous Releases:
Bug Fixes:
Refund amount for grinding a Guardian GI increased to correct amount.
Refund amount for Yuri grinding an Attack Dog increased to correct amount.
Refund amount for grinding a President reduced to zero. (This is to prevent a multiplayer exploit.)
President IFV weapon now equal to GI IFV weapon. (This is to prevent a multiplayer exploit.)
Firing origin of Grizzly Medium Tank fixed.
Firing origin of Rhino Heavy Tank fixed.
Firing origin of Lasher Light Tank fixed.
Firing origin of Apocalypse Tank anti-air weapon fixed.
Firing origin of Patriot Missile fixed.
Firing origin of Flak Cannon fixed.
Firing origin of Sentry Gun fixed.
Firing origin of Grand Cannon fixed.
Firing origin of Yuri Clone IFV & Yuri Prime IFV fixed.
Spy no longer gets attack cursor on rockets or Terror Drones.
Chrono Legionnaire no longer loses ability to shoot through walls when elite.
Brute no longer gets a range bonus from height.
Mummy no longer gets a range bonus from height.
Boris will now attack naval units properly.
Chaos Drone didn't think it could affect targets that were behind a wall. This has been fixed.
Chaos Drone thought it could affect targets that were out of range when they were at the bottom of a cliff. This has been fixed.
Tech Outpost now leaves rubble in all theaters, not just arctic.
Tech Power Plant flag is now always animated.
'Hidden object' indicators for Tech Airport fixed.
Weather Controller arctic image fixed.
Fixed prone animation of Boris.
Fixed death animation of SEAL when in water.
Psychic Tower no longer extends acceptable base building adjacency.
Corrected some prerequisite inconsistencies in Megawealth.
Unholy Alliance game mode description corrected.
Mind-controlled MCVs that were relinquished to a defeated player caused an internal error. MCVs can no longer be mind-controlled.
Allied, Soviet and Yuri Engineers are now treated as the same type by the 'select all of type' button. Arnie Frankenfurter, Flint Westwood & Sammy Stallion names and sounds restored to 1.000 settings.
Fixed game bug where turning off super weapons in skirmish also disabled them in the campaigns.

Feature Additions:
Assault game mode; support for map packs 1 & 2.
Minor Super game mode.
Full support for the YR Playlist Modifier.
Full support for the YR Terrain Expansion.
Enhanced AI option.
The intro-logo video that plays when the game is launched has been disabled.
Yuri-built Allied and Soviet Attack Dogs are now treated as the same type by the 'select all of type' button.

Known Bugs With Yuri's Revenge 1.001 / 1.002UMP:

It is wrong to take advantage of bugs when playing against human players. Please do not abuse this information.

Several maps have non-functioning Bridge Repair Huts.

The AI will often use their major super weapon against submerged naval units they cannot see.

When a unit is destroyed, it's 'sight' sometimes remains active. When this happens, the destroyed unit can provide permanent sight under shroud (Gap Generator) and/or reveal submerged naval units (if the unit could detect submerged naval units in normal circumstances).

Transports cannot be unloaded on a bridge.

Robot Tanks cannot enter Tank Bunkers.

Height differences between attackers and their target can sometimes cause weapon shots to miss their target.

If an aircraft (such as the Harrier) is ordered to force-move to a structure (other than an Airforce Command HQ), on a second attempt it will land there.

You can't send Crazy Ivan into a Grinder unless the Grinder has already been set with dynamite.

If a chronoshifting infantry (such as the Chrono Legionnaire) is ordered to attack a unit across water, and he would not have been able to reach it by walking, he will jump around on the coast until a walkable path becomes available or he is given a new order.

The AI will ineffectually try to use the Genetic Mutator on paratroopers that haven't quite reached the ground.

When a building is being constructed and its prerequisites are destroyed/sold, there is a chance that the build menu will become stuck ("Unable to comply - building in progress."). To deal with this problem, undeploy/sell and then redeploy/replace your Construction Yard. If you have multiple Construction Yards then they all need to be undeployed/sold before the build menu will function again.

Garrisonable buildings under the Iron Curtain effect cannot be garrisoned by the player who Iron Curtained them, even the player's own Battle Bunkers.

Chrono Legionnaires can gain veterancy from erasing your own units.

The Industrial Plant reduces a unit's cost but not it's refund amount. Players with access to both a Grinder and an Industrial Plant can generate money by immediately grinding any vehicle they build.

Deployed Siege Choppers can be chronoshifted onto water by the Chrono Sphere and will not sink.

If a submerged naval unit is brought to the surface (by taking damage) whilst it is attacking something, it won't submerge again until after it moves.

Undocumented Features Of Yuri's Revenge 1.001 / 1.002UMP:

Chronoshifting infantry (such as the Chrono Legionnaire) can be safely chronoshifted with the Chrono Sphere.

Owning two Tech Hospitals doubles the rate at which your infantry auto-heal (three triples, four quadruples and so on).

Owning two Tech Machine Shops doubles the rate at which your vehicles auto-repair (three triples, four quadruples and so on).

If you own an Industrial Plant, the cost of the [Allied or Soviet] Ore Refinery is reduced from 2000 to 1650.

Rally points can be cancelled by selecting the structure and using the 'stop' command [S].

The Magnetron can be ordered to pull vehicles away from the Giant Squid.

The Grinder is not capturable by Engineers.

Even in a non-short game, if your last remaining unit(s) is a Slave, you will immediately be defeated.

Yuri's Revenge Performance Tips:

If you have plenty of free hard drive space then you can improve the game's performance by copying some files from the Yuri's Revenge CD to your Red Alert 2 folder. These files will then be read from your hard drive during the game, minimizing the amount of time spent accessing the CD. The files you should copy are:
and can all be found in the root of your Yuri's Revenge CD.


Mini-Patch created by Marshall. Additional contributions by CannisRabidus, Blade & the good folks at the DeeZire & C-GEN forums.
[email protected]

Enhanced AI created by DeeZire.

Assault game mode created by CannisRabidus & DeeZire.

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