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(RA2:YR) C&C: Reloaded v1.3.0


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(RA2:YR) C&C: Reloaded v1.3.0

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C&C:Reloaded --> New YR mod that mixes the Tiberian Sun Universe with the Red alert 2 Universe in the same game (Requires RA2:Yuri's Revenge Expansion)... 2 New Sides... New Tecnologies... 3 Common Enemies: Soviet Union, Yuri & Kane but only one can dominate the World!!! Choose Your Destiny Commander: * Allies have Powerful High Tech Weapons & Units. * Soviet Union have Brute Force & enormous masses of troops at their disposal. * Global Defense Initiative have High Tech Units & Weapons. * Yuri can use their Psychic Weapons to perturbate enemy troops. * Brotherhood of Nod use advanced deadly Weapons based on Tiberium Technology. Yuri wants to dominate all the independent minds to enslave them under a single power and control... Kane... It will finish mutate the planet (The New fused World with the Allies & Soviets Reality) into the Tiberian world that he predicts like "the evolution"... Technology of the Peace... You must choose only 1 army... Only 1 can Dominate to...

This installer has a full installation of the version 1.3.0 of C&C:Reloaded. Remember to disable the previous version before installing this new version. hide detail -

First of all, thanks for waiting this new release of C&C:Reloaded.

Note: since it is a full release you don't need install any previous update before this one.

For the full changelog, please visit here:

0) Disable mod (if it was installed & enabled)
1) Install
2) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
3) Enable mod
4) Play (& enjoy)

Uninstall instructions:
1) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
2) Disable mod
3) Remove the C&C:Reloaded folder manually
4) (optional) Remove the Desktop icon if you created it.

For any problem please visit the OFFICIAL C&C:Reloaded forum:

For advanced users:

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