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Action Quake 2 bot (LTK 2.0 Beta)


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Action Quake 2 bot (LTK 2.0 Beta)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 10th February 2016, 05:16 PM
  • Last Updated 10th February 2016, 05:16 PM
  • Category Quake 2
  • Total Downloads 31


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History of changes:

Most of our changes the past year is undocumented but
here are some changes.

LTK 2.00 BETA March 2007

- New Features
- Action coop implemented with:
- New models for ALL monsters to reflect aq2. (Paril)
- Monsters use the aq2 weapons correctly, reload, knife, kick etc. (Paril)
- uses CGF glass for more realism. (Fred)
- New game rules for monsters, entities etc (Paril, Fred)

- LTK Launcher (Fred)
- Host manager, set time, round, maxclients, bots.
- Can hold virtualy unlimited configuration profiles.
- ++

More features will be included in final.

- Changes
- Tweaked the bots to increase general handling. (Fred)
- + tons of tweaks (Fred)

- Bugs fixed
- Handcannon reload is alot better. Instead of waiting for reload to finish to add
two rounds, it adds the rounds while reloading (one at f78 and one at f79) so it looks
real. (Paril)
- Grenades can be picked up in deathmatch again. (Fred)

- Known issues
- keys dont appear in coop (fixed for final)
- Health icon when healing is floating.
- Bots dont understand coop but can spawn (fixed for final)

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