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BF2 Leaderboard v1.72

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 25th September 2014, 02:55 PM
  • Last Updated 12th December 2015, 04:21 PM
  • Category Server Files
  • Total Downloads 50


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Changelog v1.7

  • Server is removed from the signature system, space left for example Clan Tags
  • Inserted EF / AF Awards with the Leaderboard
  • Alternatively Images only as separate Extra Download
  • Copyright changed (this should not be removed)
  • favMaps all 4 BF games preview with pop
  • all Weaponunlocks revised (Now with wiki links)
  • Revised template "nextrank.php" rest points inserted
  • division by zero fixed in functions.nextrank with highscores
  • Images NASR and EUSM away in the Sig., SFASR
  • Helicopter Medal was not displayed in the SIG.
  • Signaturelink revised (each player sees his sigs with code)
  • New Map inserted (Jalalabad) (comes with patch 1.4)

Changelog v1.6.1

  • htmlspecialchars inserted (users with special characters in Nick will now be displayed correctly)
  • game-monitor status banner in the single player view
  • game-monitor online / offline ad in the general summary
  • Revised award popups and adjusted to 1.3 patch (new requirements)
  • Dverse corrected small typos

Changelog Version 1.6

  • Changelog
  • Fixed signature update
  • Corrected Rank designations Overview
  • Next Rank display corrected
  • Inserted page titles (player name) of the single player view
  • Corrected Wrong time display of the EF maps
  • Inserted times for WakeIsland
  • LB on a modified stream of Gamespy adjusted (Mapzeiten)
  • LB adapted to changing times for Medals
  • Mousoverpopup all awards completely redesigned and with progress bar
  • Customized templates of awards to new popups
  • Several spelling errors corrected

Changelog 1.5.1

  • missing class images in the signature were added
  • Popups the Next Rank images was corrected
  • In the template teamwork.php support was replaced by resupply
  • (Warning: Division by zero in /srv/www/htdocs/html/bf2leader/index.php on line 70 in
    index.php) in the index.php when insert a player with 0 points has been fixed.
  • Fixed several errors in the Next Rank ad
  • Helicopter Compat Medal is now displayed correctly
  • Revised template time.php, BF2 and EF times were summarized.
  • Fixed several typos

Leader Board for BF2 written by Zed IDIOT and MORON Tomie
License GNU / GPL
Contact [email protected]
Our ​​website: www.bf2-idiot.de
Our ​​Community www.glevel.de/forum The features of the leaderboard: updates . whenever your wolllt -Adminbereich for easy adding and removing players -Haupseite with stats of your players in a short overview on points listed -An bottom per player that you provide a detailed overview of the data and awards. -Free adaptation of the design requirements: -MYSQL database Ability to edit php.ini. It is required to edit an option (put allow_fopen_url = on) otherwise no data can be downloaded from Gamespy. INSTALL: first Edit conf / config.inc.php second Copy BF2Stats on your webserver third If Database do not exists create it with http: //your.url/bf2stats/create/createDatabase.php fourth CreateTableshttp: //your.url/bf2stats/create/createTables.php Thats all bf2Stats is now installed. Add User: http: //your.url/bf2stats/administration/ Remove User: http: //your.url/ bf2stats / administration / To add or remove users use PID, If you dont know your PID then go to http://bf2s.com/player/your BF2 Nick / To Access your leaderboard http: //your.url/bf2stats/ IMPORTANT Update your leaderboard You have to change the Following value to "on" in php.ini (allow_fopen_url = on) http: //your.url/bf2stats/update.php If you own a root server then do the update throught a cron job every 15-60 min. If you dont own a root server then its Possible to insert the few lines from update.php into index.php below the include lines. But a update for 27 People needs 92 seconds.

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