JA+ Mod Server v2.4 B7 (Outdated use JA++)


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JA+ Mod Server v2.4 B7 (Outdated use JA++)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 1st June 2014, 04:45 PM
  • Last Updated 13th August 2019, 04:30 PM
  • Category Jedi Academy
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Addon outdated! Use JA++ provided here https://apg-clan.org/vbdownloads.php...ownloadid=1279

By Slider

Authors : Slider website : http://www.japlus.net Description : This version of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy 1.0.1 OS : Windows and Linux and Mac Mod Type : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin.
JA+ Mod 2.4Built7 (Windows, Linux, Mac) including Plugin1.4beta3

JA+ is the official name for the JediMoves.com Mod Project.
This server side Mod for Windows/Linux/Mac is designed to add cool features and enable admin commands
to help ensure your rules are respected and to make your server more configurable. This mod will not drastically change
the general feel of the game, it will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy Jedi Academy
clans. When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged.

The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JediAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+).
This is the full distribution pack. It includes the clientside JA+ Plugin as well as some helpful tools to aid server administrators.
For full documentation of the plugin itself, please download the plugin and its readme separately.

Example of features ==>
--Compatibility with all OS Windows, Linux and Mac
--Support for the New JA+ GLA animations(yes i know it adds 8Mo to the mod)
--Multiple duels at once
--Full force Duels
--Duel Isolation (Non interference)
--No Rules Alternate Dimension
--Flipkicks without altering wall run
--Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection
--Speak mod (admin, clan and team)
--Clan Tag Protection
--Team gametypes auto-balance (teams with the same number of players)
--MultiTaunt Sound, and multiCustom player sounds.
--AutoReplier integrated working with all foreign versions of the game.
--Easy saber change without respawning
--Tons of new emotes
--Fake player name detection system based on IP detection
--All SP attacks added + completely new attacks and new DFA + SP force moves with new extended effects
--Extended Melee attacks
--New items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook )
--Model size scaling system
--Configurable saber Damages
--New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam
--Capability of activating a real JK2 gameplay with moves and damages
--Profanity Filter
--Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect
--Highlander ffa gametype modification
--JediVsMerc mod enhancement
--Client Side Plugin for players
--RGB clothes and sabers + various saber core/line/trails styles effects.
--Extensive Anti cheat system ( Macro scan , models exploit, yawspeed....etc...)
--Client scripts that bind keys to improve accessibility and more...
--gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model)
--JA+ BitValue calculator to compute all bit value CVars.
--BaseJKA vehicle limit of 16 modified to allow a maximum of 32 distinct vehicles to be spawned in a map.
--Maximum size of .veh & .vwp files increased to allow the loading of a lot more pk3 vehicle files (more than 50).
--JA+ server tracker for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page)
-- JA+ sabers Support : a great saber pack included, new hilts...etc.. with extended sabers features like holstering animations and holsters model.
--Many lot of corrected basejka Bugs

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