FoxBot 0.801 (Win32/Linux)


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FoxBot 0.801 (Win32/Linux)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 7th July 2016, 04:37 PM
  • Last Updated 4th November 2022, 05:55 PM
  • Category TFC Bots
  • Total Downloads 8664




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Foxbot has been developed by:

Tom, Aka RedFox
Jordan, Aka FURY
Jeremy, Aka DrEvil
Paul, Aka GoaT_RopeR
Richard, Aka Zybby

Special thanks to:

FoxBot Version History

Version 0.801
Updated by RoboCop

- Added new waypoints:-
+ congestus_lg

- Added area for bots to report Sentry Built in dustbowl hut entry in CP1

- Fixed typo bot team report for avanti area file

- Added more delay for bots to Team Report to prevent annoying chat flooding

- Increased priority for bots to steal flags

- Improved floating point precision

- Reduced spy feigning time to prevent idling for too long

- Added a longer bot load config delay when changing maps or using `addbot` too rapidly to reduce crashes

- Reduced infinite loops for enhanced stability and less CPU consumption

- Increased the bot's flexibility to steer quickly when turn corners and aim faster

- Optimised pathway for 2fort, shutdown2, rock2, well and dustbowl

- Repaired rock2 waypoints and the rock2 variants by allowing bots to cap properly

- Reduced the likelihood for blue bots to go the wrong way after capping CP2 in dustbowl

- Reduced the likelihood for bots to go into the 2fort water to prevent long tasks for capping flags

- Improved bot's visual on locating stray ammo bags

- Reverted waypoint max Reachable Range, jobList and jobFunction structure

TODO List:-

>> Fix bot_chat cvars

>> Fix bots navigation when shot by enemies as they sometimes cannot seem to detect where damage is coming from

>> To prevent engineers to go around SG turrets when repairing/upgrading

>> To allow bots to use Nail Guns for destroying SG turrets, when out of nades or from a long distance

>> To prevent bots from shooting at spy corpses too long as, they aren't aware that a player switched teams as enemy spy

>> Allow bots to toss grenades at a higher angle and from a lower range as their target aim is too far

>> BONUS: Maybe add a feature for bots to have experience and wisdom or learned data in order to be more human

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