Client Sided Nade (Lag Free) Timer


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Client Sided Nade (Lag Free) Timer

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  • Author Paft
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[Discovered this from meisteh's upload/post over at in the customization section.
Altough he wasn't the first to come up with this (at least I don't think so), I don't like taking undeserved credit.]

Readme Fix: I forgot to put the + in the Hold script binds.


OK, for those that don't know, in TFC all grenades have a audio beep timer.wav, but the timing you hear varies from server to server,
most noticeably when playing overseas. There is an age old "fix" by making it client sided, by remaining the default timer to mytimer.wav and putting it in /tfc/sound/vox,
then putting a blank timer.wav in /tfc/sound/weapons/, and using a script.


Choose a script and put it in userconfig.cfg

// Lag Free - Hold
alias +kgren1 "+gren1; spk mytimer"
alias -kgren1 "throwgren"
alias +kgren2 "+gren2; spk mytimer"
alias -kgren2 "throwgren"

bind "f" "+gren1"
bind "g" "+gren2"

// Lag Free - Hold - Alternative - Exactly The Same Just Wrote Different
alias +grenade1 "+gren1; speak vox/mytimer.wav"
alias -grenade1 "throwgren"
alias +grenade2 "+gren2; speak vox/mytimer.wav"
alias -grenade2 "throwgren"

bind "f" "+grenade1"
bind "g" "+grenade2"

// Lag Free - Primer - Press To Prime, Press Again To Throw
alias kgren1_throw "+gren1;spk mytimer;alias kgren1 kgren1_drop"
alias kgren1_drop "throwgren;alias kgren1 kgren1_throw"
alias kgren2_throw "+gren2;spk mytimer;alias kgren2 kgren2_drop"
alias kgren2_drop "throwgren;alias kgren2 kgren2_throw"
alias kgren1 kgren1_throw
alias kgren2 kgren2_throw

bind "key" "kgren1"
bind "key" "kgren2"


Regular works fine but double tab doesn't always respond well, not for me anyway. Don't know why.
But since I don't like the default method and the double tab doesn't work correctly, I made do with doing this instead:

bind "f" "primeone;spk mytimer" //Prime Primary Grenades
bind "MOUSE4" "primetwo;spk mytimer" //Prime Secondary Grenades
bind "MOUSE5" "throwgren" //Release Grenades

Put either one in userconfig.cfg


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