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This is an information page for the official Unreal Tournament 3 Web Administration tool. You will find here the latest releases. The UT3 WebAdmin is not included with the official patches for UT3, it will be released seperately. This way issues can quickly be addressed and new features can be made available as soon as possible. Note: the minimal requirement for the UT3 WebAdmin (versions 1.3 and earlier) is UT3 with patch 1.2, since version 1.4 UT3 with patch 1.3 is required. Version 1.9 and later require UT3 version 2.0. And starting from version 1.13 UT3 patch 2.1 is required.

Download the release package and extract its content to the Unreal Tournament 3 installation directory. The release package

In order to enable the WebAdmin you need to edit the UTWeb.ini and change the variable bEnabled to True in the [UWeb.WebServer] section. The UTWeb.ini is automatically created in the config directory based on the DefaultWeb.ini located in the GameDir/UTGame/Config. If you do not have the UTWeb.ini file in your active configuration directory you can simply copy the content of DefaultWeb.ini. When you start the server you should see the following log entry:

ScriptLog: Web Server Created http://some.iport [...] Enabled True
This means the webserver was succesfully started. You should be able to connect to it using the reported address. Note: Check the firewall settings when you are unable to connect to it.
You can log in on the webadmin using any user name and the password is the same as the configured admin password.

The default configuration for the various parts of the WebAdmin should be good enough for most people. But if you want to you can change the settings in the UTWebAdmin.ini, the default settings can be found in DefaultWebAdmin.ini. Below you can find an overview of all configuration variables.

The fully qualified classname to use as authentication module. An authentication module has to implement the WebAdmin.IWebAdminAuth interface. The authentication module defaults to WebAdmin.BasicWebAdminAuth. An alternative authentication module is included starting from version 1.8, it supports multiple administrators with different privileges. To use the multi-admin authentication use: WebAdmin.MultiWebAdminAuth.
The fully qualified classname to use as session manager. An session manager has to implement the WebAdmin.ISessionHandler interface. The session manager defaults to WebAdmin.SessionHandler.
A list of fully qualified classnames for WebAdmin.IQueryHandler implementators. Query handlers provide the actual functionality for the various webpages served by the WebAdmin. There currently two query handlers: WebAdmin.QHCurrent, which provides pages to manage the current game; and WebAdmin.QHDefault, which provides functionality to change default settings for various elements.
If true the WebAdmin will used HTTP authentication rather than a HTML form. The HTTP authentication method is basic, there is no support for digest. Using form based authentication you can easily log out from the WebAdmin interface. Both methods are equally secure.
The default page to open after logging in. This default is /current. The URL should not contain the path to the WebAdmin (which is /ServerAdmin by default.)
Enabled chat logging. The chat logs will be saved in the logs directory. (since v1.2)
A list of usernames that are allowed when using this authentication module. By default (when the list does not contain any entries) any name is accepted. Using this option you can limit the accepted names. This adds some additional security to the WebAdmin interface.
The refresh time of the chat console in miliseconds. This is the delay before the pay tries to check for new messages. You should not set this too low, the minimum value is 500.
If true the management console is activated. The management console allows admins to execute arbitrary console commands directly on the server.
A list of console commands that are now allowed in the management console. The first part of the entered command is check with this list. So if for example obj is in the list no command starting with obj any other data will be allowed. But objectSomething will still be allowed.
A list of URL options that are not allowed to be set in the miscelaneous options setting of the change game page. These options will be filtered out. If any of these options was previously set to launch the current game, then they will be added before switching the game to the new map.
If true then the admin console commands will be supported. The admin console commands are the commands you usually enter when loggin in as an admin player (like the kick command). You do not need to prefix these commands with admin like you would need to do on the server.
Enabled support for reading participating in team chat from the chat console. (since v1.2).
A list of classname to settings class mappings. It will be used to find the settings class that will handle the settings for a given gametype or mutator. The WebAdmin will try to automatically find the correct class using the name of the class that needs to be set up. More about this can (soon) be found on the UnrealWiki.
The fully qualified name of the settings class that should be used to change the general settings. Defaults to WebAdmin.GeneralSettings.
The fully qualified name of the storage class for the additional map lists. Defaults to WebAdmin.AdditionalMapLists, which stores the map lists in the UTGame.ini. You can change it to WebAdmin.AdditionalMapListsAlt to store the map lists in UTAdditionalMapLists.ini. (Available from v0.9)
(since v1.2)

If true unique files names will be created.
Append a timestamp to the log filenames. This will make sure the log files are unique for each game.

v1.17 - 2009-09-13 (requires UT3 2.1)
- fixes the issue where changes to game profile disappeared when a new map
was loaded.
- made some changes to the way the menu permissions are validated, the
urls used for AJAX requests are now dependent to their base url. This
addresses issues #74, #75

v1.16 - 2009-07-30 (requires UT3 2.1)
- added a warning when the localization file is corrupt. This causes missing
- changed the method of detecting active mutators
- added functionality to configure server actors

v1.15 - 2009-05-17 (requires UT3 2.1)
- fixed a few typos
- added a setting to validate the IP in sessions. This increases security by
making sessions less prone to hijacking.
- added a basic translit system which allows conversion for certain information.
this can be used to convert Cyrillic characters to their ASCII equivalent.
This translit system is also used by the chatlog. See the file
Localization/RUS/WebAdmin.rus how you should build your translit table.
The translit system is needed because the webadmin can only produce ASCII (or
UTF-8) output. Internally UE3 uses UTF-16, which can not be used by the
Note: The translit system is not used for input processing.
Note: Because the tanslit table is stored in a localization file you need to
have the appropriate Language set in UTEngine.ini or you have to manually
copy the table to WebAdmin.int
- made all text localized, people can now localize the WebAdmin if they feel
like it. To localize the HTML files define the HTMLSubDirectory localized
variable, and create the proper files in the Web/WebAdmin/??? directory.
Note: the <!-- #include ... --> files are not transparently handled.
- Don't send gzip encoded files to Safari browsers, they lies about supporting
gzip encoded files (or at least, for javascript)
- various browser tweaks

v1.14.0 - 2009-04-05 (for UT3 2.0)
v1.14.1 - 2009-04-05 (for UT3 2.1)
- added support to dynamically add skins to the webadmin. To register a skin
simply create an .ini file in the Config directory with the following content
[SomeName WebAdminSkin]
FriendlyName=My Own Skins
- added option to /current/bots to add an arbitrary number of bots
- added a system settings page to change webadmin settins
- reduced loading of gametype classes to filter the mutator lists, this reduces
loading of additional packages during the game (which clients would need to
download). You can force rebuild of the caches by visiting this (hidden) page:
(note: this is something you might want to do after installing new or
upgrading gametypes/mutators)

v1.13 - 2009-03-22
Note: Patch 2.1 is required
- filter duplicate gamemode/maps/mutator registrations (check the log file for
- fixed XHTML comppliance issues for all pages
- added tooltips to the settings pages with additional information about the
- added "Max Replay Limit" setting to the map list editor

v1.12 - 2009-03-09
- fixed unsaved settings bKickMissingCDHashKeys, TimeToWaitForHashKey
- fixed "No Custom Characters" showing up as a number field
- fixed bug #0000065: Score Limit setting appears twice
- should no longer disable "achievements"

v1.11.1 - 2009-03-07
- lowered the minimum engine version for the Linux Server 2.0 beta

v1.11 - 2009-03-07
- fixed creation of new maplists when javascript was enabled
- fixed spaces in map names when saving maplists under certain circumstances
- fixed an accessed none in the chat log functionality
- added the setting to disable seamless level loading:
Settings > General > Administration > Disable seamless loading

v1.10 - 2009-02-28
- added an game engine check at webadmin startup
- some minor adjustments
- added text/voice muting to /current/player page. Note: voice muting is a
force action to all clients. This means that a forced unmute removes the
client's own mute action.

v1.9 - 2009-02-20
Note: Patch 2.0 is required
- added sessionban functionality
- added spawn protection time setting for gametypes
- new voting configuration functionality, if it doesn't show up, add the
following query handler: WebAdmin.QHVoting
- added note taking functionality to the "current" page

v1.8 - 2008-12-05
- fixed bot roster editing when the roster was empty
- konami code
- added an alternative authentication module: WebAdmin.MultiWebAdminAuth
this one allows multiple user accounts
- added some gametype settings magic that shows the best match for available
settings for an gametype that did not provide its own settings class.
- added "news" to the home page

v1.7 - 2008-09-21
- security bug fix

v1.6 - 2008-08-23
- fixed bug #52: Hard to remove bots from bot roster
- addressed bug #51: Page does not refresh after changing game (IE6)
- "game deficulty" is now presented as a list of predefined values (0 to 7),
custom values can still be entered.

v1.5 - 2008-08-08
Note: Patch 1.3 is required
- Upgraded to jQuery 1.2.6 and jQuery UI 1.5.2
- playercontrollers created for the webadmin users are now shared between admins
using the same name. This is a resource optimization fix
- some UI tweaks

v1.4 - 2008-06-03
Note: Patch 1.3 is required
- demorec player no longer shows up in the player lists
- added config option for "No Custom Characters" (Settings/General/Players)
- added settings for map voting (Settings/General/Map Voting)

v1.3 - 2008-05-18
- fixed chat functionality when team chat support is disabled
- added admin password check
- changes to the server's name will now take immediate effect and the
master server information will be updated

v1.2 - 2008-05-07
- added team chat support to the chat console. Can be disabled by setting
- added optional chat logging, to enabled it set the following in the
Team chat will only be logged when bEnableTeamChat was set to true
The following config options are available for the chat logging file names:
; if true unique file names will be created
; if true a timestamp will be included in the filename
- fixed a memory leak in the non-player PlayerControllers (i.e.
MessagingSpectator) during seamless traveling.
- increased upper limit of RestartWait setting
- added a "clear" and "add missing" button to the map list editor

v1.1 - 2008-04-06
- fixed mutator filtering for gametypes
- Admin* console commands are now supported in the management console
- Changed the login form to allow different timeouts. "Till next map load" was
the previous behavior when you didn't check "remember me". In now defaults to
"session" which will remember the authentication for the browser session.
This does not apply when using bHttpAuth
- fixed saving of various elements of the general settings

v1.0 - 2008-03-24
- various small performance fixes:
- Mutator\Gametype settings pages load faster and use less memory
- fixed issue where the messaging spectator is registered with the online
subsystem resulting in a server crash during the level switch GC.

Bug Tracker Changes
- 0000040: [Front end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)] Re: 0000017 - Ping is not
read from server properly - resolved.

v0.10 - 2008-03-16
- Added the ability to manage the bots. You can also edit the bot roster
(similar and drop interface as the maplist editor)
- Various HTML/CSS tweaks.
- General settings are now grouped by section

v0.9 - 2008-03-07
- Started including a changelog with the distribution
- Added config option to set the storage class for the additional map
Default class is WebAdmin.AdditionalMapLists which stores the info in
UTGame.ini . Alternatively there is the class
WebAdmin.AdditionalMapListsAlt which stores the maplists in
- Added WebAdmin version information to the log and HTML meta data
- Finished work on the "advanced" configuration mechanism for
- Added settings classes for the stock mutators which have configuration

Bug Tracker Changes:
- 0000037: [Front end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)] Firefox 3 Beta 3 and Change
Game Type - resolved.

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