Valve Hammer Editor v3.5.3 (Fixed)


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Valve Hammer Editor v3.5.3 (Fixed)

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 17th November 2021, 10:38 PM
  • Last Updated 17th November 2021, 10:38 PM
  • Category Mapping
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Newest Hammer 3.5.3 (GoldSrc) from 10.03.2015 by Yo Den
based on CSM-Hammer, HLFX Hammer, VHE 3.5.2 etc. This Hammer is fully compatible with the original, and can be used even for HLFX, even for Counter-Strike, at least for Xash.
Changes from the original Hammer 3.5:

  • Fixed an annoying bug, dropping position of windows each time you start the Hammer on some screen resolutions
  • Fixed a fgd from Hammer 3.5.2 for Half-Life. For most entities are special models and sprites (added by Cellulo), model npc, weapons, and players are inherited from your folder with the mod. Cycler'y and monster_generic regularly work
  • Removed the annoying window "ShutdownOpenGL - wglMakeCurrent failed" when you close the editor (thanks XaeroX)
  • Fixed rounding coordinates when exporting to MAP (you can create maps with more complex architecture, use brushes with dimensions less than one unit and move brushes and entities, at least 0.1 unit)
  • Changes in the dialog boxes, expanded various fields and lists; some borrowing from Gearcraft
  • There is a modern design panels and windows, instead of the outdated style of Windows 98
  • In the assembly presentedin original Hammer (just in case) and experimental patched version with mesh sizes in 16- and 32 thousand units to create huge maps (Spasibo Vluzacn)
  • In the editor includes the latest to date compilers Vluzacn's ZHLT v33 (from 02.02.2014) with customized ready bat-file complete and test (quick) compilation, automatically copies the map into the correct directory
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to various menu items (for example, Ctrl + A - Select All), in some cases, the same effect has two choices of hot keys (the standard version of the Hammer and more convenient, and habitual new version)
  • Fixed editor.wad from CSM, edit colors, removing the extra texture. System texture in it more comfortable and more beautiful than the authentic texture of halflife.wad
  • Now you can set the scale of the grid by default equal to 1 or 2 instead of 4 as before
  • Added folder tutorial_maps, which contains examples of maps for beginners (from Hammer 3.5.2), as well as their compiled versions
  • Instead of the old icons used new from HLFX
  • Added a working link in the menu Help - Web resources to useful community Half-Life
  • Fixed various bugs orfografichekie, tips, etc.
  • Remove unnecessary already saver
  • Increased search box problems on the map (handy when working with decompile the map)
  • In the properties of the entity removed broken Pitch / Roll, increase the width of the parameter list
  • Changed window compilation mode Expert for more coverage options from the CSM Hammer, but put a comfortable position buttons switch between modes compilation
  • Changes in the panel of flags: the object ambient_generic presence of an auxiliary table with its radius. XaeroX: all the 24 flag now works correctly (useful when developing their mods). Added button Clear flags to clean once all the flags in the entity, checkboxes flags aligned themselves in the window, increased the size of the field for the text.
  • Increased texture mapping field in the toolbar (as far as possible without loss of ergonomic interface)
  • Improved window Texture Application (larger textures and convenient arrangement of buttons)
  • Access to the settings interface map before the launch, including hotkeys
  • Significantly increased the list box connected WAD-files, you can now see the full path to the texture
  • Modified the context menu by right-clicking
  • Removed outside texture format change lists and maps
  • Added help on the editor version 3.5 and help on the entity (hl_ent.hlp)

I express my gratitude to the creators of all these assemblies!

If you liked this Hammer, you can check out my new mod - "Bounce" Comments/rated plz)

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