CSO2's Female Pack


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CSO2's Female Pack

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Well, it's finally here. This is the Counter-Strike: Online 2's Female Pack, which is ported and compiled by vad36!

Models Used and Their Slot:

Emma - Urban
Lisa - SAS
Helga (Spetnaz) - GIGN
Tammy - Phoenix
Mila - Arctic
Naomi - Guerilla

Quality textures
Jiggle physics

Now, you might be wondering....
Why is there no GSG9 and Leet slot?

Well, I actually wanted to put Choi Ji Yoon and Yuri for GSG9 and Leet, respectively, and then I saw this.

This is in great quality, actually. Although, they are not in the GSG9 and Leet slot, you can actually rename their models to be in ct_gsg9 and t_leet. I had a hard time finding the original Yuri outfit (which is the one shown), so yeah, please use this and rename them to the missing model slots.

Please, enjoy this one!

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