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TFC Flipside

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 6th February 2021, 08:11 PM
  • Last Updated 6th February 2021, 08:11 PM
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ThE FLiP SiDe started as a simple modification of NeoTF back when it was open source. I thought it was unbalancing toward the defense, so I weakened some of the defensive specials. After a while I decided to try my luck with some minor changes to NeoTF stuff, which brought about the +special2 commands. I found that I had an uncanny ability to see how things worked and reproduce them to my liking. ThE FLiP SiDe has become a concatenation of features I’ve seen and liked, as well as my own unique ideas. I hope you enjoy my efforts.


ThE FLiP SiDe zip file should be unzipped to the TFC directory. It should put everything where it is supposed to go, but in the event that it doesn’t, this is where everything goes:
File Location
FS.CFG \tfc\addons\Flipside\fs.cfg
Fs_config.txt \tfc\addons\Flipside\fs_config.txt
Fs_udb.txt \tfc\addons\Flipside\fs_udb.txt
Fs_sounds.txt \tfc\addons\Flipside\fs_sounds.txt
Fs_consgreet.txt \tfc\addons\Flipside\fs_consgreet.txt
Fs_nocopy.txt \tfc\addons\Flipside\fs_nocopy.txt
Fs.dll \tfc\addons\Flipside\dlls\fs.dll
E_save files \tfc\addons\Flipside\e_saves\
Help Files \tfc\addons\Flipside\helpfiles\
Once you have completed the steps above and the zip file has been properly unzipped, continue with either the Metamod Installation or Standalone Installation.
Metamod Installation:
The first step in installing FS with Metamod is to have Metamod properly installed. Metamod can be downloaded from Follow the instructions there to install it. FS requires at least Metamod version 1.4.1.
Next, open up your plugins.ini, and add the following line:
win32 addons/Flipside/dlls/fs.dll
If you are running FS with NeoTF, it is important that FS be below NeoTF on the list of mods.
Stand Alone Installation:

You also have to open your tfc\liblist.gam and make one modification. On the line that reads “gamedll”, modify it to read:
gamedll "addons/Flipside/dlls/fs.dll"
Having done this, ThE FLiP SiDe should be ready to run. If you wish to install it with other server side mods, read on. If you only care to run ThE FLiP SiDe, skip on to the next section.
Once you have loaded ThE FLiP SiDe, you can run other Server Side mods as well. The mod that people have expressed the most interest in the past has been NeoTF, so that is what I will demonstrate in the walkthrough. This should, however, apply to any mod.
In your tfc\addons\Flipside\ folder, you should have a file called fs_config.txt. Open this file. Unless it has been edited, it should read “tfc.dll”, and nothing more. TFC.dll is in your tfc\dlls\ directory. It is simplest to put any DLL you want to load through FS in this directory. Once you have ntf.dll in your tfc\dlls\ directory, modify fs_config.txt to read “ntf.dll”. Now, instead of loading TFC, NeoTF will be run.
It is important that you load NeoTF after ThE FLiP SiDe. Have FS load NeoTF, not the other way around.
CVARS and Configuration

In your tfc\addons\flipside\ folder, there is a file called FS.cfg. Inside there is a list of CVARs and explanations for what they do. ThE FLiP SiDe is very configurable. Not only can features be turned on and off, but the CVARs in this file also allow some model changes, as well as configuring prices for the points system.

To run ThE FLiP SiDe of TFC with Steam, simply set the cvar "fs_steam" in the fs.cfg to 1. FS will run without the cvar being set, however a few things may not work properly.
Also, with Steam, the liblist.gam does not exist be default. It can however be created and it will function just as it would for the WON version of Half-Life.

ThE FLiP SiDe of TFC was created by AusIV.

It was based off of NeoTF version 1.2 by BillDoor.

Thanks to Hitokiri_Battousai for his help early on, and thanks for giving me code I never should have had, and thanks to the NeoTF development team for letting me keep it. I learned a great deal from it, and FS never would have come around without it.

Thanks to Botman for all of his open source code, again, I would have been lost without it.

Thanks to Drunken F00l, my worthy rival. You helped me raise my standards.

Last and most importantly, thanks to r007 , my wonderful beta tester who has kept me interested in FS when I was ready to quit. He has also found quite a few things that I was able to exploit and make into fun features. FS really never would have happened without him.

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