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IMG Factory 1.2


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IMG Factory 1.2

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MG Factory is a powerful IMG editor for games that are based on RW engine and soon Rage.

Mex, X-Seti and most importantly input from teamSOL!.

- Import / Export files from any .IMG file.
- Conversion of Game Resources for GTA Series based on the RW engine
(For example, conversion of .DFF /TXD from GTAIII to SA, etc)

- Mass dumping of textures from .TXD files in the form of .bmp .jpg .png to any folder.
- Export /Sort files via .IDE.
- Load/Save sessions.
- Tool update (use Help -> Update)
- Game mod update utility [Update.lst]

- Localization (English, Russian, Romanian, French (?) )
- TXD Generator, Build TXDs from the existing .DFF models.
- Resource editor for Bully
- Format support for Manhunt/Manhunt 2
- Format support for LCS/VCS
- Resource editor for GTA Series based on RAGE (GTA 4)
- Decompression/Compression for those files that belong to GTA3/VC XBox
- COL File conversion.
- Icons, Improved window design.
- 3D mesh viewer for DFF, COL and Texture paint/ editing.

Famous bugs:
- Sometimes the 6th column (RW Version) and 1st (ID) column switch places in the tabs.

- After file conversion you must rebuild an .IMG. It's needed to normalize offsets

Requirements :
You need to install VC++ Redistributable 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5
That's all

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