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HL-Booster Metamod Plugin v1.36b


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HL-Booster Metamod Plugin v1.36b

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 12th November 2017, 08:10 PM
  • Last Updated 12th November 2017, 08:10 PM
  • Category Ping/FPS Boosters
  • Total Downloads 121


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HL-Booster Metamod Plugin v1.36b!

by Jussi Kivilinna <>


HL-Booster -=- Metamod Plugin

* Makes server run with higher fps.
* Makes ping to clients lower.
* Windows and Linux binaries included


1. You need Metamod or Adminmod. (see LINKS)

2. Extract booster_mm.dll and to your "c:\halflife\moddir\addons\booster"-folder.

3. Add following two lines to either "c:\halflife\moddir\metamod.ini":

win32 addons/booster/booster_mm.dll
linux addons/booster/

If you reinstall Adminmod you have to add this line again!

-=- booster_targetfps [default: 133]

Set here fps that you want to hlds run. Note that setting it to 10000
most like wont work . If you cannot get server run fast enough try
one of these tricks (windows only):
- Start webpage with flash animation
- Play some video with media player (loop)
- Play some sound file with media player (loop)
For some strange reason hlds gets higher fps counts with these tricks.
Note that hlds is made to run 100fps. Anything else might cause lagging.

Setting this to 0 will deactivate targetfps/sys_ticrate system if you
only want to use underrun mode.

-=- booster_maxsysticrate [default: 500]
Sets maximum sys_ticrate that target-fps system sets

-=- booster_minsysticrate [default: 100]
Sets minimum sys_ticrate that target-fps system sets

-=- booster_small_connmsg [0/1] [default: 0]

If set to 1 plugin shows small one line connection message to clients.

-=- booster_forcesettings [0/1] [default: 0]

If sys_ticrate or sv_maxupdaterate changes to something else that booster
has set then if this cvar is set 1 booster set sys_ticrate/maxupdaterate
to value it should be.


!NOTE! Not use underrun if you don't know what you're doing!!

These values are used to lower bandwidth per player (by lowering
sv_maxupdaterate) after X players have joined.

-=- booster_underrun_on [0/1] [default: 0]

-=- booster_underrun_players [default: 32]

* 0: Activates if more than 0 players on server
* 1: Activates when 2th player joins server
* ..
* 31: Activates when 32th player joins server
* 32: Doesn't activate at all

-=- booster_underrun_finalrate [default: 0]

sv_maxupdaterate gets this value when server is full.

Example (maxplayers 8)
* booster_underrun_players is set to 4
* booster_underrun_finalrate is set to 50

4th player joins -- sv_maxupdaterate 100
5th player joins -- sv_maxupdaterate 87.5
6th player joins -- sv_maxupdaterate 75
6th player joins -- sv_maxupdaterate 62.5
8th player joins -- sv_maxupdaterate 50

!!Bad values in booster_underrun causes server to run even laggier!!

* New installation directories in booster_mm.txt (

* Fixed targetfps system to work under linux
* Tested with DoD3 (works fine with me)

* sys_ticrate/targetfps system is now deactivated on listenservers!
* Setting "booster_targetfps 0" deactivates targetfps system (you can still use underrun mode with this)

* Trying to fix XP problems

* targetfps default value is now 133
* booster_maxsysticrate, booster_mixsysticrate cvars to
set maximum and minimum boundaries for target-fps system
* Small connection message is now default
* booster_underrun_scale changed to booster_underrun_finalrate (thanks to !2SX!)

* Booster's day off.. Sauna & Vodka

* sys_ticrate, sv_maxupdaterate are now visible in server info

* targetfps system for better function with

* [bugfix] Fixed (hopefully) current players counting :P

* Shows current map in connection message
* [bugfix] Now underrun even works .. fixed current players counting

* [bugfix] rewritten underrun code

* Comes with Linux binary by default (LinHL-Booster)
* Added 'booster_small_connmsg' for those who don't want that big connection message ruin other messages
* Speed tweaks (this was in 1.15 already)
* [bugfix] Underrun works now even if force settings is enabled

* Changed connection message 'made by' to 'plugin-url' so that people stop email-asking me for url

* [bugfix] Removed "meta-interface version mismatch"-warnings

* Jumped over this version (I don't like number 13 )

* [bugfix] booster_forcesettings should work right way now.
* [bugfix] booster_underrun should work right way now.
* [bugfix] Current players on server counter function fixed.

* Added 'booster_forcesettings'
* [bugfix] Removed debugging message that I left in 1.10

* Added 'booster_underrun_on', 'booster_underrun_players' and 'booster_underrun_scale' cvars for servers with low bandwidth.

* Shows how many players are present on server to joining player.

* Small code tweaks

* -

* -[SBV]-MeGaHuRtZ, Rage, Mikee and all others for betatesting




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