DODS HQ Weapon Sounds


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DODS HQ Weapon Sounds

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When I was playing day of defeat: source I kind of always thought to myself "Man these sounds are kinda beefy! but well, low quality" and that's when I made this mod to keep the same meatiness of the weapons in 44100Hz!, I mostly used and remixed these sounds from many other valve games, such as L4D2, L4D and some sources from gamebanana and Sound Ideas

Key/Original Authors:
oneshotofficial uPic
For the M2 Machine Gun Sounds re-used for the 30cal and the Colt slide sounds

For the MK2 "Pineapple" Fragmentation Grenade reused for the... well y'know

AnOldRetiredElephant uPic
For the Garand grenade shoot sound

Navaro uPic
For the knife deploy sound

cain (Youtube)
For the knife swing and hit sounds

Sound Ideas
For making the stock sounds used for the Guns Sound Effects Library

For making the sounds used in this pack mostly

For making the M1carbine Sounds and shoot sound for the p38

Original Author
For remixing and making the sounds in this pack

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