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[AntiCheat] ACE v1.1d


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[AntiCheat] ACE v1.1d

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Hello everyone. People running Windows 10 were still experiencing a lot of issues with ACE v1.1b. This release should fix all of those issues.

**Please note that this release comes with a new version of NPLoader. You WILL have to update your server.ini file.**

This is the list of changes:

  • [FIXED] Exec commands such as suicide, throwweapon, and viewclass are no longer being executed twice
  • [FIXED] The ACE logo now once again shows the current version
  • [FIXED] Kicks for corrupted D3D9.dll files (for people who had activated the windows 10 developer mode)
  • [FIXED} Wine clients crashing
  • [FIXED] PlayerManager not spawning on WINE servers
  • [FIXED] AutoConfig now correctly handles case-insensitive file names on linux servers
  • [FIXED] Internal Error -7 kicks for people using the latest win10
  • [ADDED] Support for the ENBSeries wrapper (latest version only!)
  • [CHANGED] This version of ACE comes with a new version of NPLoader. This new version includes mostly low-level changes to improve stability, compatibility, and to support other Unreal Engine games. One change that people will notice, however, is that you no longer get disconnected when you have to install mods. Instead, NPLoader starts a 60 second timer after which you get disconnected from the server. This 60 second period should suffice to install mods and manually reconnect.

A full list of changes will be made available at:


Please follow these steps to install ACE v1.1d:

  • Shut down your server
  • Unzip the package in your server's root folder
  • If your server runs NPLoader v1.7 (which comes with ACE v1.1b) or lower, edit your server.ini file and change ServerActors=NPLoader_<yourversion>.NPLActor to ServerActors=NPLoader_v18.NPLActor
  • If your server already runs NPLoader v1.8 or greater, or if you have already updated your server.ini file, you can now reboot your server.


Please refer to the SETTINGS.txt document included in the package.


Installation Issues: Some other testers have reported issues installing the server files. Most of these are caused by outdated system libraries. Please note that you will need glibc 2.15 or later on Linux. Linux distributions released before 2012 might have older versions of glibc.

A second problem seems to occur for certain admins running x86_64 Linux servers. These admins might see the following error message:

Kick logs that say "Not kicking because bStrictSystemLibraryChecks is set to false": This is not technically an issue. ACE v1.0+ has some very aggressive detection routines that detect a lot of legitimate external programs (e.g., Fraps, Display Drivers, Sound drivers, virus scanners...) because they do terrible things to your system DLLs. If you see this kick status, just ignore the log. The player will not be kicked.

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