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[TR:A] - HD Overhaul v0.01


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[TR:A] - HD Overhaul v0.01

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 14th June 2018, 07:47 PM
  • Last Updated 14th June 2018, 10:00 PM
  • Category Tomb Raider Series
  • Total Downloads 13



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Gibbed Tool is required to install this mod:-


This is a work-in-progress project to bring Tomb Raider: Anniversary's textures to a much higher quality. In Croft Manor for example, most textures are around 128x128 pixels square, whereas my new textures sit around 512x512 to 2048x2048. Many, many hours have been spent on this mod so far and I anticipate working many hours more!

One of the most important aims of this project is to keep the new textures looking accurate to the original ones. I'm not a fan of HD mods that drastically alter the appearance of the game, and if you check the screenshots below I hope you'll agree that the overall aesthetic has been preserved.

Rather than use Texmod, the TRA HD Overhaul is installed directly into your game's installation directory. This means that you don't have to wait around for a while until all the textures load every time you launch the game! It is also very easy to uninstall in seconds.

I haven't tested it yet, but this
should work with Texmod after installation. If someone could try it out I would be grateful! Should it work, it means you'll be able to run other Texmods on top of this.


Here's a list of the contents of this mod and textures that are currently work-in-progress.

  • Lara's default outfit - 100% complete, added in v0.01
  • In-game HUD - 100% complete, added in v0.01
  • Croft Manor - 90% complete, in the process of being cleaned up and ported from previous Texmod setup


I'm not currently aware of any issues with this mod, but please do report any problems you find. I'm mainly interested in things like textures that should be seamless not tiling perfectly, but if you have constructive criticism to offer I'd like to hear it too.

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