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E[POD]bot v3a


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E[POD]bot v3a

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 6th July 2018, 11:34 PM
  • Last Updated 6th July 2018, 11:34 PM
  • Category CS 1.6 Bots
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* Enhanced Ping-of-Death Bot *
* for Counter-Strike 1.5 *
* by LightNinja (M.Reißberg) *
* *

(For current e-mail-address surf to my website)

=== E[POD]bot 3b Manual ** by LightNinja ** Sep 06, 2004 ===

1. Credits
2. System Requirements
3. Installation
4. Uninstall
5. How To Use
6. What's new / Version history
7. Known Problems / Bugs
8. Acknowledgements
9. Rumours

1. Credits
The Enhanced Ping-Of-Death Bot was created using Count Floyd's
PODBOT 2.6 sourcecode ( Don't
forget about this, because most of the work was done by him.

** E[POD]bot 3a © 2003/04 LightNinja (Mats Reißberg) **

The Bot may only be distributed if this file and all the other
files that came with it are included in the redistribution, and
no money is charged for the product being distributed. This
excludes such things as video game magazines which include a CD
and things such as that, which are permitted to include this bot
(provided they meet the requirements above) as long as they
notify me before doing so and get my permission through e-mail
or any other way.

Software under this agreement is under no kind of warranty.
Software under this agreement is provided as is, and the Bot
author isn't responsible for any problems this software could
cause. Use this software at your own risk !

2. System Requirements
* Half-Life + Counter-Strike MOD _or_ Counter-Strike RETAIL
Version: Beta 6.5+ / Release 1.0+ (fully compatible to CS 1.5)
(Combat Style made for CS 1.4/1.5)

* I recommend a Intel Pentium II CPU 300 MHz or higher and a
3D Graphics Acclerator Card (at least Voodoo 2 / Riva TNT 2)
(The Bot boosts CS CPU Usage and needs a framerate of 30 fps
or higher to run properly. At lower framerates the bots may
appear not as clever as they are on high framerates.)

NOTE: This now is a Stand-Alone-Bot. You do not have to install
POD-Bot 2.0 or higher first anymore. If you still have waypoints
for maps which aren't supported by this pack, you have to copy
them manually to the EPB folder (sorry, no real installer, only
a WinZip SFX Archive...)

3. Installation
Start the Self-Extracting EXE. Enter the ROOT path of your
Half-Life / Counter-Strike Retail when you are asked for
(default: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life , C:\SIERRA\Counter-Strike). Do
NOT point to the mod-directory (\cstrike)!!

You will find the bot and all of its components in the folder
"" inside the mod directory (\cstrike). The waypoint
directory is called wptEPB.

After the installation is successful, you should start the
EPBcfg.exe, a config too, and select the language for chat
and Console/Menus.

4. Uninstall
To remove PODBot completely, follow these instructions. This
only applies if MetaMod is not installed. MetaMod users will
be able to do this on their own ;-)

First of all, go to your cstrike-MOD-Directory and open the
liblist.gam with a text-editor like notepad.

Search for the line - gamedll "EPODbot\epb.dll" -
and change it into - gamedll "dlls\mp.dll" -

Then save the liblist.gam and look for the EPODbot folder (in
the same directory as liblist.gam). You can completely delete
this, if you do not want to keep waypoint or experience files or
some cfgs in there.

The next time you create a game in CS there shouldn't be bots

If you want do disable E[POD]bot temporarily only change the
liblist.gam file and change it back to re-enable E[POD]bot.

5. How To Use E[POD]bot
They just should work fine without you having to do anything ;-).

Some commands are available in the PODBot-Menu. By default it's
bound to the "P" key (you can change it in podbot.cfg).
You can also give the bots some radio commands such as "Follow
Me" or "Taking Fire...Need Assistance."

If you're still having problems, read CountFloyd's Manual
(\cstrike\EPODbot\docs\readme.html). For more questions read
the FAQ (\cstrike\EPODbot\docs\EPBFAQ.html), check out the
current FAQ and News at or look in the
POD-Bot forum at (Please read the important
FAQ/Links thread first.) To contact me visit

6. What's new? / Version history

= Version IIIa - September 06, 2004 =

* FIXED: Bots having problems to navigate the map and staying
at one place for a long time
* FIXED: Bots tending to move towards the target zone but then
turn around and go somewhere else.
* ADDED: EPBcfg.exe, a tool where ýou can do all the settings
for the bot and select your language files for Chat and
* ADDED: multi-language support. Comes with chat-files for
English and German and with Menu/Console-Files for English,
German and French. Language files are plain text files which
can be translated by users. (see directories titles and chat)
* Changed the layout of the podbotmenu a little bit.

= Version III - August 31, 2003 =

* FIXED: Bots using sniper weapons would not zoom.
* FIXED: Bots would "waste money" very much
* FIXED: Bots would fire the pistol very slowly.
* FIXED: New bots joining the game would use the stats of a
previously kicked one.
* FIXED: Bot would sometimes stay in a small area and patrol
between 2 different waypoints all the time (isn't fixed
* FIXED: Bots would not properly avoid teammate's path.
* Bots will attemp to fulfill mission goals more often and do
stuff which fits to their task in the game (T/CT). They won't
camp if they are on the offensive side.
* Better combat behaviour and enemy sensing.
* Added Waypoint Editor Features to the podbotmenu.
* Fixed Waypoints of cs_siege, de_dust, de_dust2
(thanks to MarD, again).
* Added new personality system with 5 attributes: Courage,
Intelligence, Phreak, Reaction, Aim. Those are generated at the
creation of a bot and affect the behaviour and skill of the
bot. The old three personalities are now obsolete, but are
included as basic "classes"... (future versions will include
a user-customizable class-system).
The botskill.cfg (epbskill.cfg) is from this cause
abandoned. The respective values are now hardcoded.
* Bots will now try to open doors more smartly and press also the
+use button, because there are some doors which open only thru
that (e.g. on cs_zoption).
* Added UltraSkill-Mode (toggleble thru epb.cfg) for bot-skills
from 101 to 200. (does not work very well: you will gain about
10%-20% noticeable skill improvement.)
* Added commands "add_t x" and "add_ct x", where x is the number
of bots to be added to the specific team (t/ct).
* Added commands "kick_t x" and "kick_ct x", where y is the
number of bots to be kicked from the specific team.
(Both commands may not work properly if used with very high
* Some values changed, better aiming and reaction times. Some
other fixes, additions and enhancements I propably forgot.

= Version IIb - May 21, 2003 =
Compared to EPB Version IIa

* FIXED: Bug in Combat Behaviour
* FIXED: Missing liblist.gam
* FIXED: Missing zbeam6.spr
* FIXED: Metamod incompatiblity due to freaky folder name
(it now is EPODbot, not
* Added denyselect.wav file, which is played when pressing the
USE button. This one is very quiet. (Bot's press the key while
trying to unstuck)
* Tweaked Bot Hearing Distances (USE button!! but not only...)

= Version IIa - May 19, 2003 =
Compared to EPB Version II

* FIXED: Sniper/Pistol Weapon Switch Bug
* FIXED: Bug in Hostage Fix (was ineffective in some cases)
* FIXED: Bug in Bomb Planting (didn't work in some cases)
* FIXED: Bots' aim travel down as they fired and were very
inaccurate (incompatiblity of Steve++'s Fix)
* FIXED: Crash on kicking bot/s; Scary "Round Draw" Bug
* FIXED: Faulty botskill.cfg
* FIXED: Bot spent too much money on weapons an couldn't buy
armor or grenades very often.
* Tweaked aiming, reaction times, bot-chat
* New "smart" combat behaviour, affected by personality more
* Recoded 1-100 skill system and skilldisplay
* Use of radio messages can be restricted in 4 levels:
0: bots use all message
1: bots don't use Negative, Enemy down, Reporting in
2: like 1, but without Enemy spotted, Roger, In Position
3: bots use no radio messages
* Bots will attemp to fulfill mission goals more often
FOR WAYPOINTERS: On de_maps do not place only one goal
waypoint at each plant site, but several goal points inside
the planting site radius. On cs_maps do not only place one
goal in the room where the hostages are, but close to the
hostages and between them, if necessary up to one waypoint
per hostage.
* While trying to unstuck, bots will hit the USE Button several
times. This is helpful to open such door which you have to use
in order to open them or if getting stuck on/in elevators.
* Added some support for funmaps of the types AWP/AWM, AIM, FY
Will be further extended.
FOR WAYPOINTERS: On AWP and AIM maps goal waypoints mean the
weapons lying on the ground. Place them as close as possible.
On FY maps goal-points will mean buy zones (does not work yet)
* Stand-alone version. No previous bot installation required.
Will install to folder \cstrike\
Filenames: EPB.dll (podbot.dll)
EPB.cfg (podbot.cfg)
EPBskill.cfg (botskill.cfg)
EPBwpns.cfg (botweapons.cfg)
EPBspray.cfg (botspray.cfg)
EPBnames.txt (botnames.txt)
EPBchat.txt (botchat.txt)
Waypt.-Dir:wptEPB (wptDefault)
* Included CountFloyd's POD-Bot manuals
* Include E[POD]bot FAQ
* New and updated EPBchat.txt
* Updated and optimized waypoints done by me and MarD. Of course
every PODWAY-File can be used for EPB (see notes above).
Supported maps: as_highrise, as_oilrig, as_riverside,
as_tundra, awp_map, cs_747, cs_arabstreets,
cs_assault, cs_backalley, cs_bunker, cs_desert,
cs_docks, cs_estate, cs_facility, cs_havana,
cs_hideout, cs_iraq, cs_italy, cs_mansion,
cs_militia, cs_office, cs_ship, cs_siege,
cs_station, cs_tire, cs_wpndepot, cs_zoption,
de_aztec, de_bretagne, de_cbble, de_chateau,
de_dawn, de_dust, de_dust2, de_fang,
de_foption, de_inferno, de_nowhere_x, de_nuke,
de_piranesi, de_prodigy, de_rotterdam, de_storm,
de_survivor, de_torn, de_train, de_vegas,
de_vertigo, fy_iceworld
Original waypoint authors: CountFloyd, TAZ, Mr.Muck, ISD,
Mario, Spawn, AxelRose, Psyke (only a few started from scratch)
* If waypoint editor is activated, all bots are kicked
automatically, roundtime is set to 9 minutes and timelimit is
disabled. This makes waypointing much easier.
* If you enter "waypoint on noclip" a second time, you will stay
in waypointing-mode but noclip-mode will be deactivated. So
you can switch between walk and fly without turning off the
waypoint editor.

= Version II - April 01, 2003 =
Compared to EPB Version I

* FIXED: Waypoint Editor
* FIXED: Bots won't shoot sometimes
* FIXED: Ignoring of 'patherrmsg' setting
* FIXED: Something about movement... Hard to describe...
* FIXED: Bots' aim travel up as they fired (thanks to Steve++)
* Replaced Waypoint sprites by more modern ones
* Again better combat behaviour, much better at high distance
bots slow down in combat to be more precise,...
* AWESOME Sniping !!
* Improved Pathfinding (but still some glitches)
* They are at a high skill niveau again (suffered in EPB 1)
* Raised agression levels again to get more action and fun
* Replaced "Newround" command by "Restart Map"
* Tweaked Weapon Priorities

= Version I - March 13, 2003 =
Compared to PODBOT 2.5

* FIXED: Bomb Planting and Defusing issues. Now works properly
(nearly) everytime.
* FIXED: Bots' ability to own with short range weapons like
shotguns that much, even at high range. Now they have the same
problems with these weapons as normal players.
* FIXED: Terrorist Bots trying to 'use' hostages (was quite
senseless in old versions of CS anyway...)
* FIXED: Now supports up to 16 bots without using a name twice.
* FIXED: Weapon Mode Menu entry #7 not selectable.
* WORKAROUND: Hostages are invulnerable to prevent HL crashing
when a hostage who follows a bot is killed (applies since
CS 1.3) - this can be turned off in podbot.cfg
* A Vistable provides better covering.
* Better combat behaviour (not that machine-like and n00b-like)
(aiming, strafing, etc.)
* Bots reload more often.
* No skilldisplay anymore (If you want it back please just say!)
* Bots use grenades more often.
* Much better sniper usage, but still no match for a human :-(.
* Bots move more tactically. (Bug?)
* Changed buying routines, now they sometimes throw away primary
weapons to buy new ones. (But they will never drop a Ak-47 to
buy a Mac-10 or something like that!)
(Some of these features were already done in PODBOT 2.6)

Now following the version history of normal PODBOT by

V1.0 First Public Release 27/10/2000

+ Fixed Player Speeds with Weapons
+ Fixed VIP Speed
+ Changed Damage Detection Code
+ Fixed Weapon Kickback
+ Extended Waypoint Menu System
+ Implemented hearing Footsteps
+ Modified Sniper Combat behaviour
+ More weapon fixes
+ Bots above skill 70 sneak when Enemy near suspected

+ Fully compatible to CS 1.0
+ Recoded all Reaction Routines
+ Burst Fire implemented
+ Smarter Grenade Use/Throwing
+ Bots try to hide

+ FIXED: Bunny Hopping of Snipers
+ FIXED: Crash when adding Bots
+ FIXED: BotChat Freeze on Win2K (Couldn't test this!)
+ FIXED: Humanlike Combat Turning Speed
+ FIXED: Several Bugs in Waypoint Editor
+ FIXED: Living Bots talking to the Dead
+ FIXED: Only Host can issue commands
+ FIXED: Freezetime (first Round) Bug
+ FIXED: Knife being used when Enemy out of range
+ FIXED: Bot Chat Spamming
+ FIXED: Bug in detecting Hostages
+ Rewrote/optimized the Hearing Code
+ Bots now hear Shots and Button Usage within their range
+ Bots randomly use secondary knife mode
+ Changed Waypoint Movement
+ Changes in Basic Movement
+ Changed Waypoint Format
+ Added some stuff to the waypoint editor
+ Added Camp Flags to the Editor
+ Bots above Skill 60 try to stay more covered when moving
+ Improved Ladder climbing up
+ Added Bot User Menu
+ Tweaked Reaction Time again
+ Improved Enemy Detection Handling
+ Bots use Zoom Mode when sniping most of the time
+ Bots Hiding Behaviour improved
+ Added a bunch of new commands to the Config File
+ Added Randomness to Reaction Times
+ Bots are able to swim now
+ Updated/Replaced all Waypoint Files

+ FIXED: Bots don't going mad anymore when flashbanged
+ FIXED: Hearing Bug when hiding
+ FIXED: Fixed some Issues with Weapon Kickback
+ FIXED: Bots keep ducking when seeing an enemy
+ Added Minimum Turn Amount
+ Added Noclip Option for Waypoint Editing
+ Added Terrorist Bots use Hostages under certain conditions
+ Implemented Proper Sniper Zooming
+ Increased number of "special" waypoints from 32 to 64
+ Added some more dedicated Server Commands
+ Added option to turn on old (1.2) combat behaviour
+ Added botskill.cfg to tweak all skills to your needs

+ FIXED: Dedicated Server commands not working after "newmap"
+ FIXED: Bots not shooting when enemy elevation </> than 45
+ FIXED: Bots responding too fast to Radio Commands
+ Added fillserver command to DS commands
+ Recoded the Radio Capturing/Usage (faster & more reliable)
+ Bots react on many radio commands
+ Added much better Player Avoidance Code
+ Bots don't pause until they've seen an enemy
+ Updated FAQ & Readme (make sure to read them!)
+ Added the previously missing de_foption wpt file
+ Added some more localized Botchat translations
+ New podbot.cfg command "botsfollowuser"

+ FIXED: Bots trying to pickup things already picked up before
+ FIXED: Ignoring of the MAXFOLLOW Variable
+ FIXED: Radio Commands not working in dedicated Server Mode
+ FIXED: Crash when deleting Waypoint Nr. 0
+ FIXED: Waypoints & Path Connections not displayed after
Map Change
+ FIXED: Dedicated Server Commands not working after Mapchange
+ FIXED: Previously broken Covered Movement
+ FIXED: Previously broken hearing of Shoot & Usage Noises
+ FIXED: Freezetime 100% working
+ FIXED: Correct Movement Speeds also in zoomed Mode
+ FIXED: Weapon Buying in AS Maps
+ FIXED: Low/High Angles Aiming Bug
+ FIXED: Included up/down looking at campwaypoints, which was
present since V1.0 but overseen
+ FIXED: Better Detection of Killer Entity
+ FIXED: Diving Problems when swimming
+ FIXED: Stupid Angle Bug which messed up movement sometimes
+ FIXED: Bots try to avoid shooting TeamMates (doesn't apply for
bad Grenading)
+ FIXED: Bots can't be added if Waypoints not initialised
+ Redid all the find routines
+ Better Edge Avoidance
+ Added Bots picking up weapons on the ground (adjustable
through BotWeapons.cfg)
+ Buying can be customised & personalized in BotWeapons.cfg
+ Added some Teamchat Messages (Bots using Hostages etc.)
+ Optimized Waypoint Selection Code (much faster!)
+ Made Waypoint Selection more Team and Map dependant
+ Bots use SmokeGrenades and are primitively affected
+ Redid the whole Movement Code. Bots are now able to move
backwards/sidewards while moving to a goal and still check
for obstacles in their way
+ Smarter Combat Strafing/Jumping
+ Bots now have a small Task-driven Memory
+ Bots buy all Items (except senseless Nightvision Goggles)
+ Better enemy detection (more CPU consuming)
+ Added 3 basic Bot Personalities with adjustable Weapon
+ Bots above Skill 80 try to shoot seen/heard Enemies through
+ Obstacles if possible and enabled in Config
+ Counter Bots share a global memory of visited Bombspots
+ Bots on same Team share Enemy Knowledge if they see each
+ Bots collect Map Experience about Danger Spots (can be
turned off)
+ Bots primitively use Buttons of all types (except cameras)
+ Changed Inner Workings of Decision Logic
+ Hearing Sensibility now affected by Movement Speed & own
+ Bots shoot back (randomly) at teammates who tried shooting
+ Added some Performance Settings to podbot.cfg
+ Added some more useful console commands for configuring
and helping when waypointing/debugging
+ Again better Player Avoidance & Unstuck Code
+ Using the original HL Engine Speech Synthesis to
speak to the Host
+ Added custom Compress/Decompress Routines for those otherwise
much too big Experience Files
+ Better blinded (Flashbang) Bevahiour
+ Bots don't loose their leader when seeing Enemies
+ Improved ladder climbing
+ Bots shoot at dying enemies (Time based on Agression) if they
don't have a new opponent
+ CT Bots communicate about visited Bombspots. Humans can use
+ "Sector clear" to tell them about a visited Bombspot too.
+ Bots pickup things like Bomb or Weapons while following User
+ Some improvements & fixes to the waypoint editor
+ Added Bot Model Selection
+ Added preemptive Firing (based on Agression & skill) to
Fleeing/Hunting States
+ Bots can be allowed to vote against disruptive Players
+ Bots can be ordered (by the host) to vote for a map
+ Bots Emotions/Desires are also affected by number
of teammates near and current weapon
+ Some additional Fun-Modes included
+ Bot Agressions are affected by Roundtime & Team Goals
+ Waypoint Type Selection now bound to Personality +
Agression/Fear + Team
+ Failed/Succesful Plans are remembered for each Team and
stored in the experience files (if not turned off by User)
+ Bots mostly try to get away from Grenades thrown at them
+ Bots spray Logos (can be customized & turned off)
+ Bots now use the correct PVS & PAS

+ FIXED: Ignoring of the BotSpray Variable
+ FIXED: Wrong Gravity after turning off Fun-Modes
+ FIXED: Having 2 skills when minbotskill = maxbotskill
+ FIXED: Getting the Enemy instantly when being shot
+ FIXED: Nasty Bug in the firing Routine which messed up
Reaction Times & kept Bots from shooting sometimes
+ FIXED: Resetting time to reach when being stuck causing Bots
remaining stuck & doing unnecessary jumps
+ FIXED: CT Bomb Spot Selection when using Experience Files
+ FIXED: Bugs & Problems with linked Lists, causing Memory Leaks
and random crashes
+ FIXED: Bots tracking Enemies through Obstacles when camping/
+ FIXED: All Turns/Movements Frame Independant
+ FIXED: Bugs in weapon buying on AS Maps
+ FIXED: First Bot on dedicated Server not moving properly
+ FIXED: Team mismatch when collecting experience
+ FIXED: Para/SG550 buying Bug when weapon restriction on
+ FIXED: Not dropping primary weapon for new one on the ground
in extreme situations
+ Optimized Player Avoidance a bit
+ Major Rewrite of the debugging core
+ Complete rewritten Burst Firing, now includes non-automatic
weapons and distance to target
+ Extended Hearing code to include Sounds like Opening Doors,
Ladders and a lot more (thanks killaruna!)
+ Added some more dynamic Symbols to the Chatsystem and a 'Name
+ Extended Chatsystem to have Bots Reply to user customizeable
Keywords + Bots chat with each other when spectating
(heavily inspired by ParaBot from killaruna again!)
+ Smarter Grenade Usage. Bots try to surprise enemies and cancel
grenading if they think it won't succeed
+ Movement now pretty much point precise
+ Changed Bot DS CVAR and some other stuff to be more compatible
to Botmaster5000
+ Ladder climbing should now handle even difficult stuff
+ Added Bot Weapon Mode Menu
+ Removed Bugs in the Aiming Code
+ Added "waypoint teleport"
+ Redid Bot Task/Schedule System resulting in more careful Bots
+ All Radios Commands from 1.4x work again like "GetInPosition"
+ Bots defend the planted Bomb and the guy who's defusing
+ CT Bots "hear" the planted Bomb
+ Increased Shooting Precision when using zoomed Sniper Weapon
+ Each Team selects a Leader Bot which issues some basic Radio

+ FIXED: Borg Mode and added extra Borg Cam
+ FIXED: Misc Bugs when attacking
+ FIXED: Bots switching to next Weapon when only Ammo in current
+ FIXED: Duck/Jumping Bug
+ FIXED: About 3 MB of Memory/Resource Leaks
+ Rewrote func type handling, especially buttons
+ Aiming now affected by Enemy Velocity & Bot Turns
+ Bots continue their Tasks if no direct Path to Enemy
+ CT Bots low on health (or 50% Probability) guard a dropped C4
+ Rewrote Startup Routines which previously caused the stupid
+ Smarter Grenade Usage
+ Correct FOV for each Weapon & Sniping Mode
+ New Zoom Switching allows better sniping weapon usage
+ Changes in the Behaviour Code - Bots try to go for Cover
+ Misc changes to the statistics system - depending on Emotions
Bots may camp instead of moving to dangerous positions
+ Bots don't move in Intermission
+ Bots leave their camping/hiding position if they get hurt by
unusual damage like drowning or gas

(End of Count-Floyd's version history)

7. Known Problems/Bugs
* Bots have no clue about what a button will do.
* Bots aren't affected by darkness
* Bots don't drive Vehicles
* Bots can see through func_illusionaries (e.g. curtains in
cs_747, doors in cs_backalley)
* Bots do not switch to pistol if clip is empty
* You cannot edit waypoints properly (and SHOULDN'T!!) while
bots are in the game

8. Acknowledgements
I wish to thank...
* vALVE for creating the excellent game Half-Life.
* Gooseman, cliffe, SAS and all the other guys who created
Counter-Strike and worked on it for years to make it better.
* CountFloyd who created PODBot and everyone who supported him
in doing this. Additional thanks to
* botman for creating HPB-bot, without it's source PODBot and
my Bot wouldn't exist.
* The members of Nukebox Forums for keeping the community alive
and helping me and other people with stupid questions.
* ecKo (small e) who provides the kewl n00b Installer for
* Someone who doesn't want to be mentioned, but without his
work I would have cancelled E[POD]bot before the first
public release.
* MarD for helping with waypoints.
* Kain for inspirations and beta-testing
* judas for beta-testing and disputes about "bots getting stuck
all the time"
* The Internet service providers for their much too high costs.
* Boardmaster, EcKo (capital E), Kruemelmonster, Ghean, ac!d
and all the other friends of mine who showed me at LAN how it
feels to be a looser, so that I got interested in re-confi-
guring PODBot and later on enhancing the sourcecode to have
better training.
* and other sites which provide CS Tactic
* The Coca-Cola Company for selling the tasty caffein-drink.
* Millions of CS-players worldwide for playing CS and using
HPB-Bot and PODBOT (and I hope E[POD]bot, too) and making them
that successful.
... and everybody else I missed in this list.

9. Rumours
I searched the WHOLE CODE and there is NO CHEAT THAT GIVES YOU
A ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! Absolutely NOT , and this ISN'T a HINT FOR
YOU TO KEEP TYPING things like "name botman" at the CONSOLE,
because it just WILL NOT WORK! There are several fun-modes
(see Count Floyd's Manual), but no cheats!

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