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Payne Upgrades v1.0


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Payne Upgrades v1.0

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 2nd March 2019, 12:27 AM
  • Last Updated 2nd March 2019, 12:27 AM
  • Category Max Payne Series
  • Total Downloads 6


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Max Payne 2-Payne Upgrades MOD readme

__________________________________________________ ______

1) Some words from developers
2) Features
3) Credits
4) Special Thanks
__________________________________________________ ______

1) Some words from developers

The purpose of this mod,upgradet original Max Payne 2 game,without changing gameplay and style.

2) Features

-New Max's models
-All enemyes now have many texturesets,new shaders and specular maps
-New weapon models (all weapons old,but models changed to more detailed)
-New some weapon icons
-New weapon sounds
-New death sounds
-New menu theme music
-Now deadbody have shadows
-More decals on levels
-More Clips and shells on levels
-New Raggdols

3) Credits

Nicklz - mod founder,codding,texturesets,weapon riging,sounds,music,ragdolls,shaders.
AntiEvil - Max's models,specular maps.

4) Special Thanks (just cool site) (for mp2 forums and downloads) (for such awesome models)
-Remedy (for creating Max Payne game series)

also thanks to Iron Fred,CockyBoi,Napster87,Andersen for support us and thanks to all mp2 modding comunity,for developing mods!

---------------------Mercenaries Company-----------------

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