OpenSpyInfo Mutator for UT2004 v102


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OpenSpyInfo Mutator for UT2004 v102

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OpenSpyInfo Mutator for UT2004 (v102)
Released 12/18/2022 by 0xC0ncord (aka TonyTheSlayer)

OpenSpyInfo is a simple mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004 with the goal of informing players
of the need to switch to an alternate master server in the wake of Epic Games' announcement
regarding the shutdown of the official ones. At this time, the alternate master server chosen
is OpenSpy. This mutator will prompt players who join a server with a menu before spawning
which informs them of the situation and what actions they need to take. The menu will also
provide players with a button they can use to automatically configure their master server list
if they so choose.

This mutator is fully compatible with DruidsPlayerAgreement. When both mods are in use, the
OpenSpyInfo menu will display first and then the player agreement menu will display after the
OpenSpy menu is dismissed.

Installation Instructions

1. Place OpenSpyInfo102.u and OpenSpyInfo102.ucl into your System directory on your server.

2. Activate the mutator by adding it as a ServerActor. Open the UT2004.ini file
and add the following ServerActor line in there.


if you wish to selectively run it, you can (instead of server actor method) add it
as a standard Mutator. (OpenSpyInfo102.MutOpenSpyInfo into your mutator string)

3. Be sure you have the file on the redirect server, or to allow your server to send
the file to joining players. The .uz2 file (compressed) is also in this download to
save you some time.

Quick Changelog (view Github for further details)
- Fixed issue with AntiTCC blocking automatic changing of
master server list due to a blocked command (set).

- Addressed server crashing problem.
- Addressed window repopping up when other players joined.

- Initial Release

Package Information & Github Link

You have downloaded a pre-packaged version hosted at PWC-Gaming. We will do our best to keep
the version on our site up to date. You can also check for the latest version by going here:

Please report any bugs or ideas on the github page. Thanks for downloading!

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