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Save Converter (Win32/Linux)


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Save Converter (Win32/Linux)

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Vice City Save Converter

Steam version of Vice City has a bit altered save format compared to all the other (non-digital) versions. When using a Retail save on Steam copy the game would just run a new game instead. Retail Vice City is even unable to load a Steam savegame, resulting in a crash. As a result, there is no way to resume your old playthrough on a newly purchased Steam copy nor come back to a disc release without losing your progress.
This tool solves that issue by converting the saves between these two formats (both retail -> Steam and Steam -> retail).


The tool requires either an absolute or relative path to a savegame you want to convert to be specified as a launch parameter. Therefore, you can launch it either by dropping a savefile on VCsaveConvert.exe (Windows only, obv) or by launching cmd.exe/Terminal and executing the converter with

VCsaveConvert [your_save_path]

The tool will then identify a save version and ask if to proceed with conversion. A backup will be created in case anything goes wrong.

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