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Firearms - MarineBot v0.93-beta


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Firearms - MarineBot v0.93-beta

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 24th February 2019, 09:13 PM
  • Last Updated 24th February 2019, 09:13 PM
  • Category FireArms 3.0 Bots
  • Total Downloads 16


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22 February 2019

Again it took me a few years to put together new version of Marine Bot for those of you who still play Firearms. Let's see what is new.
Marine Bot 0.93b change log:

  • Added client command 'pathwpt checkproblems <save>' (it will test all paths for possible problems like a goback waypoint in one-way path or path ending in a void, it can write all findings in MB error log if 'save' argument is used)</save>
  • Added client command 'pathwpt printpath <index>' (it will list all waypoints with their types in 'index' path, works pretty much the same as 'pathwpt printall' command so if the path is really long it will print just 22 waypoints and will wait for you to repeat the same command to continue with the next set of waypoints)</index>
  • Added client command 'wpt position <index>' (it will print 'index' waypoint position in a map using x/y/z coordinate, it prints your current position as well)</index>
  • Added client command 'wpt detect <index>' (it will print all entities around this waypoint like ammobox, button etc.)</index>
  • Added client command 'wpt printall' (it will list all used waypoints with their flags/tags, works same as the other list commands so it'll print just 22 waypoints in console and it will wait for you to repeat the command to print another set of 22 waypoints until it gets to the very last waypoint)
  • Completely reworked tc_golan waypoints (actually they are brand new waypoints, instead of updating and fixing the previous waypoints I decided to create new based on triggers that allow the bots to play the map with some sort of wisdom, I mean the triggers dynamically open/close paths according to actual game state)
  • Updated MB web page HUD message (it doesn't show anymore because there is no content there, now it shows
  • Updated client command 'wpt info' (it will now take two arguments so you don't need to move next to the waypoint you can just type in waypoints' index, order of the arguments doesn't matter, 'wpt info more 12' will do the same thing as 'wpt info 12 more' so if you have a key binding it will still work the way it used to, also fixed a problem with composing the short description if you used the 'wpt info full' option - it used to add extra '&' sign in certain cases)
  • Updated obj_armory waypoints (fixed one invalid path merge in blue team spawn area)
  • Updated obj_paradise waypoints (converted them into up-to-date waypoint version and fixed 14 bugs of invalid path end, however these waypoints would still need some real work to make them fit todays standards)
  • Updated obj_sweden waypoints (fixed one missing trigger setting, one bad cross waypoint layout, removed the door waypoint at the howitzer house making the bots be stuck there and fixed couple goback waypoint in one-way path bugs)
  • Updated obj_thanatos waypoints (fixed one bad cross waypoint layout)
  • Updated obj_willow waypoints (fixed one non fatal error with red team path in their goal area, it didn't end properly at cross waypoint)
  • Updated ps_crash waypoints (fixed one bad cross waypoint layout near the house and a problem with goback waypoint in the church pushpoint area)
  • Updated ps_inlands waypoints (extended two paths near blue team spawn)
  • Updated ps_marie waypoints (fixed one bad cross waypoint layout in blue spawn area)
  • Updated ps_outlands waypoints (fixed couple goback waypoint in one-way path problems and added missing wait times on a few blue team waypoints)
  • Updated ps_river waypoints (fixed 3 missing goback waypoints)
  • Updated ps_splinter waypoints (converted them into up-to-date waypoint version and fixed 19 bugs of invalid path end or path merge, yet these waypoints would need major work to make them bug free)
  • Updated ps_storm_r1 waypoints (fixed one missing goback waypoint in red spawn area)
  • Updated psobj_thanatos waypoints (fixed one bad cross waypoint layout)
  • Updated sd_durandal waypoints (fixed 3 bugs in the central bridge area, goback waypoint in one-way path, invalid path merge and some invalid path ends)
  • Updated sd_force waypoints (converted them into up-to-date waypoint version and fixed 3 invalid path ends, however these waypoints would need some real changes)
  • Updated sd_oberland waypoints (fixed 4 invalid path ends ie. missing goback waypoints)
  • Updated tc_basrah waypoints (converted them into up-to-date waypoint version and fixed two invalid path ends, yet these are still unfinished and would need serious work)
  • Updated tc_battlefield_r2 waypoints (converted them into up-to-date waypoint version and fixed one invalid path end)
  • Updated tc_caen waypoints (turned some paths into avoid enemy ones, changed layout of couple paths in blue team spawn area and fixed one invalid path end close to red spawn)
  • Updated tc_iwojima waypoints (fixed one invalid path end in red spawn)
  • Updated tc_rubble waypoints (fixed one invalid path merge, couple invalid path ends and turned couple paths that involve jumping into avoid enemy ones)
  • FIXED bots shooting beams when they saw their target (the .dll was actually compiled as 'debug' code instead of 'release' code so many routines used to test stuff were then present in game)
  • FIXED client command 'test aimcode' not available (it will turn experimental aim code on or off, this new aim code isn't fully finished yet so it's not for general use)
  • FIXED client command 'pathwpt highlight' not turning waypoints and paths on (you had to use 'pathwpt show' command in order to actually see any path, now it will turn waypoints and paths on by default)
  • FIXED client command 'pathwpt printall' (if used to print all paths it printed more lines than a non steam (WON) console could show so you couldn't see/check all paths, now it prints only 22 lines in one go)
  • FIXED client command 'wpt repair masterrepair' not available (it will run all available repair functions in specific order, range and position functions are skipped)

Yet another bug fixing release. This is the way how it is now. It really is just a hobby that I can't dedicate much time in anymore. The download link can be found in the files section.
I've also done some digging in my backups and I found two interesting things. Both are Marine Bot ports to different Half-Life 1 mods. First one might be quite known. It's a port for The Battle Grounds 1.2.1 mod. Second one's just a test version of Marine Bot port for the Global Warfare 1.5 mod. Both are based on Marine Bot 0.9b so many new features aren't available there. Yet the bots can play those mods to a degree. If there's anyone who still have either of the two and want to have some fun in it feel free to try it. But it really is on your own risk. I'm not able to give any support there. Both are available for download at the files section.
Finally I've also done some work on the waypointing guide. Basically I rewrote most of it. I've also added missing things like the triggers, the way how you can work with paths, and full command list. There's a lot of pictures there now. Hopefully it will make things clear. Anyways you can check it in the support section. And I've added direct link to this manual to the links section as well.
8 March 2013

Today is a good time for a little teaser update. Nah really. Here's a little something for those who still play Firearms ...
Marine Bot 0.92b change log:

  • FIXED 'Cease fire' message bug (bot used his enemy name instead of the guilty teammate name)
  • FIXED crash due to array pointer at -1 position in couple path routines (no idea why it didn't use to crash the game before as this bug was present since the path system introduction in version 0.6beta)
  • FIXED string allocation crash (why this bug didn't cause crashes before is beyond me)
  • FIXED debug_cross toggle option (if used without argument it only turned it 'on' instead of switching between 'on' and 'off')
  • Bot can now see enemy through most fence like objects
  • FIXED reading FA Text messages on obj maps (obj_armory triggers didn't work at all due to extra string variable being sent there)
  • Bot can now read the fancy HUD messages (triggers are finally available even on maps like obj_thanatos)
  • UPDATED obj_thanatos waypoints (added triggers, avoid paths and generally improved and fixed)
  • UPDATED obj_armory waypoints (triggers didn't match the game messages and fixed one cross setting)
  • ADDED obj_vengeance waypoints (based on basic layout someone sent me ages ago ... they weren't signed, but it could have been someone from our friends at YIS)
  • UPDATED cross waypoint behaviour (bot can read the overall setting better and should be a little clever there)
  • UPDATED 'debug_cross' feedback so the waypointers have better idea how the bot decides there FIXED trigger_camera crash on obj_armory, obj_willow and tc_thebes (also known as the cutscenes crash ... it used to crash when a team captured the weapon and you've been watching the cutscenes)
  • UPDATED ps_upham waypoints (avoid paths, added a few new paths and fixed couple ugly errors that made MB log file grow over 1 megabyte)
  • FIXED bot using grenades (the bot wasn't really able to handle the fuse removal so any thrown grenade in FA version 2.8 and above was just a coincidence)
  • UPDATED ps_river waypoints (avoid paths and general improvement)
  • FIXED bot sniper-hunters camping at sniper paths (they should just scout those paths not camp there)
  • FIXED bot machinegun-hunters camping at gunner paths (again they should just scout such paths not camp there)
  • FIXED occasional incorrect behaviour on waypoint with wait time (if this waypoint was the first waypoint the bot reached after leaving the cross waypoint then any path limiting factors were ignored)
  • FIXED goback waypoint breaking small range behaviour (the bot stopped slowing down at small range waypoints after the goback turn)
  • UPDATED console command help (few commands were missing and some had wrong info, fixed also one length overflow causing missing characters at the end of the line)
  • UPDATED the weapon data files due to changes in the grenade code (they now use the base delay variable as well)
  • FIXED wrong weapon data file for version 2.5 (the data inside the file were for 2.8 and above so due to big changes between the versions the weapons didn't match at all and must have caused fatal bugs in weapon use)
  • FIXED parachute detection in spawn (the bot couldn't pass the parachute waypoint because the backward compatibility code used to reset parachute icon whenever the bot respawned right on top of the parachute bag)
  • FIXED throwing the parachute off in old FA versions (the way FA 2.4-2.65 informed the client about parachute used to reset one variable that led to faulty parachute behaviour after the first landing)
  • FIXED team kill detection (bot ignored team mates in his line of sight when shooting at his target, the whole code wasn't ready, now it's finished and turned on so there should be less TKs)
  • ADDED client command 'wpt loadunsupportedversion5' (allows waypoint and path conversion from waypoint system ver. 5 in MB0.8b, this command isn't available on Dedicated server, see MB documentation for more info)
  • UPDATED waypoint self-cleaning (ammobox+goback is invalid waypoint type combination yet it was still present in official waypoints, now the self-cleaning routine will catch it and fix it right on waypoint load)
  • ADDED client command 'wpt repair range' (it can automatically repair poorly designed waypoint range setting by reducing it in order to fix any solid object intersection)
  • ADDED client command 'wpt repair range_and_position' (a lot more aggressive than the range alone as it combines range reducing with repositioning the waypoint itself)
  • ADDED client command 'wpt repair pathend' (it can automatically repair missing goback waypoint on any path that ends in nowhere ie. not at cross and like, also it can turn one-way path into two-way where possible)
  • ADDED client command 'wpt repair pathmerge' (it can automatically repair invalid path merge ... you know when one path starts on the same waypoint as another path ends and we aren't connected to a cross waypoint)
  • UPDATED ps_crash waypoints (avoid paths, added one new path, fixed couple ugly errors on blue paths in red spawn area and a few other minor tweaks)
  • ADDED client command 'pathwpt printall <arg>' (lists all used paths on current map if used without arg or all paths on waypoint specified by the arg or on closest waypoint if you use 'nearby' as the argument)</arg>
  • Console command help no longer uses the notify area (top left corner on the screen) ... these are now printed directly into the console
  • ADDED client command 'wpt repair sniperspot' (it can automatically repair incorrectly set sniper spot at the end of a path, it can add missing aim waypoint, turn the waypoint into a sniper one or even set some wait time)
  • UPDATED ps_inlands waypoints (fixed one cross setting)
  • UPDATED ps_outlands waypoints (fixed one cross setting)
  • UPDATED ps_marie waypoints (fixed missing goback tag on one waypoint in red spawn area)
  • UPDATED sd_oberland waypoints (fixed one sniper path)
  • UPDATED sdtc_balcome waypoints (fixed one path and couple missing sniper tags)
  • ADDED client command 'wpt repair masterrepair' (it will run all available repair functions in specific order, range and position functions are skipped)
  • ADDED client command 'test aimcode' (it will turn experimental aim code on or off, this new aim code isn't fully finished yet so not for general use)

As you can see there was a lot of fixing done. Not many new features added. Please do not take this as a new start. It's just that I had some free time especially over the Christmas time and I dedicated it to this project. I mean I've been playing with the code on and off since the end of November to the end of February. The list of changes is in exact order of how things happened during that period of time.

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