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PsychoStats v3.2.2b


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PsychoStats v3.2.2b

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* [Added] More Heatmaps (especially TF2)
* [Added] Hardcoded regeneration of /tmp/ps_themes_compiled
* [Fixed] function_exists() error
* [Fixed] call_user_func_array() error
* [Fixed] Deprecated-errors


Version 3.1.1 (...)
* Fixed halflife:arseprops to properly parse player names in event parameters
that have double quotes (") in their name.
* TF2: Team 'pointcaptured' old style events will once again give bonus points
to players (along with the newer style of the event
* TF2: double bonus points for player 'dominations' are no longer given.
* Fixed typo de_interno to de_inferno in heat.xml
* Fixed a couple minor issues in the installer.
* Implemented Halflife GUNGAME support.
* Implemented Call of Duty 4 support.
* Implemented Soldat support.
* Enhanced HTML output with GZIP support.
* Fixed Feeder::stream support to properly process halflife log streams.

Version 3.1 (05/01/2008)
* Implemented CMS and plugin architecture in the PHP front-end.
* Recoded theme routines to be more robust and tolerant.
* Redesigned default theme template. XHTML compliant and easier to maintain.
(pre-3.1 themes are NOT backwards compatible!)
* Log state routines have been recoded and made more accurate.
* Logsources have been recoded and have their own config table.
* Events code has been recoded and have their own config table.
* Events can be configured via the ACP and new event code can be dropped into
the 'Events' directory if users wish to add new event handlers w/o modifying
existing code. Wiki doc's will need to be updated (yuk)
* Implemented -maxlogs, -maxlines command line options to allow stats updates
to exit early. This will help systems under resource restraints.
* Split plr_ids table (name,ipaddr,steamid) into 3 separate tables to make
queries against these fields easier and less confusing.
* Removed 'headshotdeaths' stat since its not very reliable to track.
* Player events with a steamid of STEAM_ID_PENDING are completely ignored now.
* CMS security: Implemented defense against CSRF exploits.
* CMS security: Implemented separate admin login for ACP pages.
* Removed ps_config_layout table and combined all config related stuff
into ps_config. Also added 'label' field.
* daily awards are now created (along with monthly and weekly).
* Removed 'auto' section of config as it's no longer needed. Daily updates
(all maxdays decay activity players clans ranks awards) are performed
automatically by based on new 'daily' settings in the config.
* DB routines are more robust and will attempt to reconnect if a query fails.
* Implemented Team Fortress 2 support.
* Roles can now have mod based stats.
* Reduced code required for mod sub-classes, which makes it easier to add new
support for game mods.
* Recoded class_PS.php to be a real class with sub-classes for game:mods.
* Overhauled the overview page with lots of useful charts and a google map.
* Implemented backend Spatial stats.
* BUG: Fixed name changes when tracking by name (names were not being separated).
* Implemented Heatmaps (uses spatial stats)
* Added default-blue skin.
* Updated player profile display in the default theme to be a bit more pleasing to
the eyes. And added a link to a players SteamID profile page on
* Fixed DOD flag caps.
* Added theme install wizard to ACP for automatic download and installation of new themes.
* 1 million and 1 tweaks and fixes and other things I've forgotten. See the full
timeline on

Version 3.0.6 beta (2007-05-01)
* Fixed query.html: rcon commands would not work.
* Fixed function.sortheader.php: removed hardcoded themes path.
* Fixed class_theme.php: "Cannot break/continue 1 level" error.
* Fixed admin/servers.php: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'idx'
* Fixed PQ modtype for 'hl2dm'. returns 'hldm' instead.
* Added module version check for DBD:mysql. v3.0002 or higher is required.
* Fixed 'Connection Closed' errors while downloading from FTP log sources.

Version 3.0.5 beta (2007-03-10)
* Fixed "constant CACHE_FILE_GROUP already defined" errors
* Fixed PS::Config->set(); would not set sub vars (var.subvar = value)
* Fixed event plrtrigger 'address'; would not track player IP addresses
+ Implemented game support for halflife:natural (Natural Selection)
* Bug #8 fixed (I hope). "Duplicate entry in 'plr_ids' table"
* Bug #9 fixed. "Only variables can be passed by reference in imgcommon.php"
+ Added a couple of batch files for Windows users. These are just
shortcuts for a couple of common tasks for
+ Added 'dod_teamscore' event so that win/loses for non-source DOD servers
will properly track for players and maps.
+ Added 'round_win' event trigger for 'dod' servers.
+ Directory structure has changed a bit to try and make it less confusing
for users. The 'upload' directory contains all files meant to be uploaded to
a website (this used to be called 'web'). Everything else stays local.
+ The 'live servers' configuration has been moved into it's own table to
make it easier to manage.
* Fixed bug with installer on step 1. Incorrectly saying mysql 4.1.11 was
too low when in fact it's the minimum.
+ Fixed stats update from crashing when no regex clantags are defined.
* Fixed 'czero' servers in the live server view to show maps correctly.
* Fixed 'white screen' problems on certain pages when run on PHP5.
* Corrected 'kill_streak' and 'death_streak' calculation in awards.
* Fixed team detection for players w/o the need for 'joined_team' events.
* Fixed player bonuses. Bonus points were not actually being added to skill.
* Fixed load_clan_members(); SQL query was not optimized properly and causes
the 'edit clan' page to be very slow with large member lists.
* Fixed 'weaponstats' accuracy triggers for Natural Selection. Event wasn't
being delegated properly.
* Fixed player BANS. Bans didn't work at all. They do now.
* Fixed infinite loop in Feeder::* when an error occurs downloading a file.

Version 3.0.4 beta (2007-02-10)
+ Added clean module detection to to show 'pretty' errors
if a non-standard module is not present or if Perl is too old.
* Tweaked some events in Game/
* Fixed language encoding problem in certain parts of the theme.
(UTF8 characters were not encoded correctly).
* Fixed smarty plugin function.mapimg.php. It was causing infinite
loops on some systems due to bad file paths.
* Fixed a DB query that greatly affected the load times of the main
player index and possibly other listings on the stats web pages.
* Fixed some player stats from not being saved properly. This would cause
some players to have slightly lower stats than what the logs actually reflect.
* A couple more tweaks to the Installer that adds more logic for minimum
requirements and less confusion when tables already exist.
* DOD player bonuses have been added to the default config and confirmed
* Updated DOD theme pieces to include some missing DOD specific information.

Version 3.0.3 beta (2007-02-03)
* Recoded the Install wizard to remove some confusion during the database
initialization step. Also made step 6 (compiled themes) more robust to
allow users to change the path and have better permission checking.

Version 3.0.2 beta (2007-02-02)
* Fixed 'notice' errors on install pages.
* Fixed 'Field 'logo' has no default value' when updating stats for certain
versions of MySQL.
+ Changed default settings for a few config variables. Like disabling
warnings for unknown events and enabling partial week awards.

Version 3.0.1 beta (2007-02-02)
* Unknown column 'lastdecay' in 'field list' -- Error fixed. the database
schema included in the previous release was missing this field.

Version 3.0.0 beta (2007-02-02)
* Not all features and changes have been mentioned below *
+ Recoded object hierarchy to be scalable, easily sub-classed and to separate
functionally. Lots of work went into the recoding and structure, too many
to list here.
+ All configuration is stored in the database with the exception of basic
DB settings in the stats.cfg. This will allow for 100% web based GUI setup.
+ logsource's can be local directories, or remote FTP or SFTP sites
(Note: SFTP requires Net::SSH::Perl to be installed).
+ Implemented player/clan 'profile' support. If stats are reset players
and clans will retain their personal profiles when the stats are recreated.
+ Implemented full UTF-8 support. This requires MYSQL v4.1+
+ Implemented Real-Time clantag detection for players.
+ Implemented Real-Time 'most used' player name selection.
+ Implemented better state persistence for log scanning so logs are only
scanned once for each source configured.
+ Implemented a better 'kill skill' calculation. Still using the ELO method
however, a players total online time is now taken into account. The more
online time you have the less points you give/receive for kills.
* Re-coded the DB stats routines (again). They are now simplier, and about
15% faster than before.
+ Implemented IP to Country lookups. The players country flag will be shown
in player listings within the stats. Flag images credit goes to
+ Implemented 'user' profile support. Users are registered and linked to a
player for login. The user system is flexable and will allow for easier
integration within existing sites.
+ Implemented extensible admin controls. New admin 'controls' can be dropped
into place w/o any changes in existing PHP code.
+ Enhanced "Live server view" to allow multiple servers all on 1 page and
w/o causing the page to 'lag out'. RCON queries are also allowed for admins.
+ Enhanced player searching to match on player IP's and name aliases.
+ Implemented uploadable plr/clan icon support. Upload from users computer
or from another URL.
+ Implemented player session histories. Each player has their previous
online sessions saved and can be viewed separately from their overall
stats. A 'session' is the length of time the player was logged in, even
between map changes.
+ Removed some logic from the default theme to make it a little less complex
on some pages.
+ Implemented an advanced admin config editor. The admin config editor is
dynamic and very easy to use. New settings in the database are automatically
discovered by the editor w/o any changes to the themes or other code.
+ Implemented several more Admin Control Panel features, like logsource
editing and other tweaks.
+ Implemented a 'daily' process trigger for stats updates. Daily processes
are generally run once, or possibly several times a day to calculate certain
stats, ranks, trim histories or clean up the clan listings.
+ Implemented daily process: player ranks.
+ Theme updated to show a players rank difference going up or down.
+ Enhanced PHP session support to recognize Web "robots" (ie: google, yahoo)
and disable the auto appending of session ID's in the HTML output. This will
help search engines to properly index your stats pages.
+ Implemented daily process: clan rules
+ Implemented daily process: players rules
+ Implemented player bonuses. Ie: assign extra points to players (or teams
of players) based on different events like 'target_bombed'. Fully web
configurable. Note: this has nothing to do with AWARDS.
+ Enhanced clantag support. different tags can be matched and combined into
a single clan entity automatically.
+ Implemented awards. The awards system uses a plugin architecture to allow
for more complex awards. Currently basic player action and weapon awards
are present.
+ Implemented player aliases.
+ Implemented an easy to use online installation process.
+ Implemented 'maxdays' feature! -- Old stats are removed automatically.
+ Added 'maxdays_exclusive' option: If enabled, compiled stats are reduced
when old stats are removed. If disabled the compiled stats continue to
increase regardless of old stats being removed.
+ Implemented automatic scheduling of 'daily' updates when is
run. So using the -daily command line manually is optional.
+ All dynamically created images (charts and graphs) are now fully
customizable via an external XML config file.
+ Implemented automatic player bans from log events (incomplete).
+ Implemented manual player bans. Wildcard support included. Ban players
by steamid, IP or name.
+ Implemented fully functional DECAY system for decaying player skill
over long periods of inactivity.
+ Implemented full Day of Defeat:Source support. Including detailed stats
based on team roles.
+ Google Maps API support implemented for player world locations based on
their IP address. This is never 100% accurate, but it's good enough.
+ New hitbox flash animation included with default theme. Fully 3D!
+ HL2DM support added (classic HLDM should work the same)
+ Implemented Feeder::stream to allow log streams from remote game servers.
NOTE: This feature is currently experimental and is not fully fleshed out.
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