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[Plugin] Roll The Dice

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  • Author alexavil
  • Uploaded 4th August 2019, 08:04 PM
  • Last Updated 4th August 2019, 08:14 PM
  • Category Minecraft
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By alexavil

Changes in v0.3:

>> After using /rtd, you will be put on a 30-second cooldown (this may be customizable in future)
>> New permission: rtd.use (defaults to OP)
- This permission is now required to use /rtd (useful if you want to prevent some groups/players from using it)

For 1.13 folks:
I tested this plugin on a 1.13 Spigot server, and it worked flawlessly. You should be fine with using the latest version.
If something breaks, DM me.

How to install:

Simply drag the jar to your plugins folder and restart the server

Effects and Configuration:

- Speed
- Invisibility
- Lucky Melon
- Instant Death
- Strength
- XP Boost
- Blindness
- Glowing (applied to everyone)
- Dizzy
- Snail
- Fast Hands
- Free punch
- Spontaneous Combustion
- Weakness

You can set how long the effects will stay in config.yml. (Don't forget to restart to apply changes!) However, this is not applied to instant effects.

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